06 September 2010

Memorabilia Boxes Custom Order

Hello People!
Look look, I'm so excited about how these Memory boxes for Georgia are coming along so beautifully:

I painted them soft pastel yellow and girly pastel pink. So adorable.
I'm still thinking of how I'm going to make the measuring meter for Georgia high record. mmmh... mumble mumble... thinking, thinking...

I was so pleased with Georgia's boxes that I decided to start the Order Boxes's Project, finally!

I've been wanting to make them in ages. The ones I'm currently using are just not big enough.
I'm still not sure if the should be plain, or if I should be painting unicorns on tem... I guess It will just happen the way it supposed to happen right? Anyway, for now I just approched the smalles of the boxes (Gift Tags Box) with a pretty design of a banner across the top like so:

I'm thinking it will propably hold one of my favorite quotes on it. I don't really want to write "gift tags" on it in case I change my mind regarding the use of the box; better to leave things open to future developments...

I have to say, I have been very good with my Morning pages lately, sometimes I even make time for evening pages!

Althought poor little Twisty Dog cannot understand why we have to sit in the field for an hour sitting around doing nothing.

She holds the ball, drops it on my diary, and when I say: "No, it's finished Twist", she twists her head like: "What did you say?! Balls game never finishes!!!"
That's the collie in her...

I like to take my trainers off and walk in the green grass, until the weather allows it.

The other day I went in the opposite field to write and watch the sun going down. It was really beautiful. But it gets quite chilli in the evenings.

I always give Twist a run around the field before we go, and the other day we found all of these angel feathers! So lucky! Now their new home will be inside inside the diary.


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