04 August 2010

Welcome to Fairy Land

Hello my darlings, how are you all?!
I'm so excited to be writing to you on the road.We are really having the best time in Lincolnshire with my Brother and Sister in Law.

Yesterday we went to Sandringham House in Suffolk, the which is the Queen's Winder residence. Oh raah, very posh...!

We explored outdoors grounds of the palace (can't go indoors with our delightful 4 legged friends) and we had a pic nick in the woods.

We have even found a fairy passage to a secret garden!

Twist and Lyric are getting along so well togehter far beyond what we had expected. As you can see they walk along fine, side by side! Finally all those dog classes are paying off!!!

Then we head on to the beach! And we are were all SO excited because Twist has never seen the sea before. What an adorable puppy! She loveed it. Jumping, running, playing, chasing & rolling... So sweet.

Hooray for the Beach!

x Giulia x

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