22 August 2010

Tales from the New Forest

Hello dearest creatures of the forest!
I hope you are all well.
Goodness me, can you belive that is already the end of August?! This year is going so fast indeed!

Nice to be back in the studio and catch up with messages, emails, orders, and more.
It's so nice to get away for a little while, but is always nice to come back to Studio Sweet Studio!

A little bit of a epilogue of the week:
We had a lovely mini-break in the New Forest, to celebrate our 7th Anniversary. And what a delightful village we stumbled upon; Lyndhurst. There are so very adorable retro stores which really takes you back in time.
There was a colorful sweets shop, just like the old days.
I love the jars and bags filled with treats. Unfortunately most of them have gelatin and gluten yuk! so I didn't buy them. But there was a rack filled wih Vegetarian Treats too!!! So we go some of those instead, even if they weren't in pretty jars and stripy paper bags. The cola bottles were particularly sticky... I would not attempt to bite them if I were you...!

And there was a lovely retro gift store with soaps, creams, signs, boxes and all good things, so i took the opportunity to buy some Christmas presents for me and others.

Of course we could not miss the opportunity to eat real on the cone ice-creams an they had flavors like raspberry ripple and toffee crunch! Yum!

We had lovely pic nics in the National Park and soon we found ourselves surrounded by ponies and horses! They are so beautiful and inspiring creatures. I got lots of pretty pictures that I will use as model for my unicorn paintings.

Twist was really good with them and didn't bark at them at all!

After that we went to the beach, and although the weather was cloudy and windy the water was really warm, so Twist had a lot of fun swimming and retrieving the ball in the sea.

Afterwards we visited Exbury Gardens and the Steam Railway. It was the first time for Twist on a Train. She was fine! curled down on the floar and enjoyed the ride.

and surprise surprise...

We even met Judy Dench! She was sitting just in front of us!
What a lovely lady she is. And there was her friend Maggie Smith too! Wow. All of a sudden it felt like we were on a movie...

We end the day in the National Park with chinese take away,
watching the sun going down.

I cannot wait for my next mini break...

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