31 August 2010

Morning Pages

This morning is misty and fresh.
Inspiration is pouring out as I speak and I almost can't keep up with it.

Perfect mood to update blog! I love this. Realize I need to catch up with all the lastest!
These are the new window flowers for the season. I'm so delighted with them. aren't they gorgeous?

I feel that soon there will be an explosion of color and more and more flowers will blossom.

The most exciting recent event was our 7th Anniversary on the 16th which we have celebrated with gorgous meal (Jason made me my favorite, pizza!) Sweet sparkling wine, cinema (Inception - incredible) cards and presents... Lots of them!

Jason always wrappes them in the most beautiful and expensive wrapping paper and ribbons, which makes the opening presents experience even more amazing! I received the Woodstock Chime, It's so enchanting and magical. I have it right on the window and occasionally the breeze moves it gently and creates the sweetest sound that was ever heard...
I also received The Artist Way by Julia Cameron:

And with a great birth name like mine, it had to be a great book. Right?! (giggles)
And it is, indeed. I'm just at page 12 of The Artist Way and I'm estatic! What a fantastic start.
I have already learned so much about why sometimes as an artist I feel blocked in the creative process. The solution as come right away to my rescue: Morning Pages! Basically a daily morning diary to write down anything on my mind and get it all out before I start my creative day in the studio. Great idea. The rule is, not to read the Morning Pages before 3 months time and always write everything that is bothering me. I'm up for this! Bring it on!
I recently discovered my old green diary on the book shelf and realized that has been ages since I last wrote on it. So I decided to start again, and this time use it as a morning pages keepsake.

Now I'm even more excited to meet Julia Cameron and to get my book signed.
Now, I have more to write but I must get on with some things. Jason's Birthday is in 2 days time and I have lots to plan and prepare for.

Until the next time,
here is a kiss

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  1. What a beautiful looking day! Right now we are in a heatwave, I can't wait for some cool, misty days this Autumn. Congratulations on the anniversary!


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