19 July 2010

Working on...

Hello to you all!
Thank you for tuning in!
Oh my gosh, it has been so long since I last posted news in the blog. So there is much to say!!!
The Butterfly Festival is just around the corner and I've been working lots in the studio making lots of eco goodies to be sold there.

Lots of writing sets

Lots of cards

Lots of notelets

lots of notepads, eco friendly bags, original paintings and box paintings etc.

I'm so excited!
The Butterfly Festival has kept Jason very busy too. As a matter of fact Jason is building me a unique + handmade + eco friendly + totally cool gazebo.
It's absolutely amazing.

The other day I went to his outdoor studio to take some working in progress snaps to share with you guys:

Now the structure is up and we are impatiently waiting for the white-cream unbleached cotton tend cover to arrive!!!

While printing cards I'm also designing a few more very sweet charachters, meet my new animal friends: tiger and panda!!!
Aren't they cute. Tiger also likes to wear angel wings once in a while.

I hope to see you at the Buttefrly Festival this week end!

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th
from 11am to 5.30pm


Juniper Hall,
Old London Road,

And see you next Monday the week end update and pictures!



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