21 July 2010

Taking a little break...

Hello my darlings,
How are you? I hope very well. I'm back writing in the blog again today, after another gentle angel nodge... hi hi...
I drawn a card from my angel deck this morning and it said Creative Writing:

Funny thing is that Doreen has drawn the exact same card today! How amazing.
You can see her reading here. So I decided I cannot put off my writing anymore, nor delay my blogging, no sir...

I started off the day with my walk with Twist as usual. I snapped this pic, I thought it was so cute.

The weather has been so fine and warm. We have been enjoying walking in the woods before breakfast. At the end of the walk Twist knows she is going to be fed and she rushes around, does not want to play with the ball no more, and she tries to get home as soon as she can...!
She is so funny, reminds me of simple pleasure in life. Playing, sleeping, eating.

I took take the evening off from shop-work: printing, cutting, glittering, packaging etc etc. for orders and summer festivals. Tonight there was my favorite show on the Hay House Radio, Angel Theraphy so I really didn't want to miss it! While listening I got drawing again, so nice, I missed it!
So here they are, my sweet little woodland creatures! That are going to be part of a new series of cards in just a few week available in the store.

so so cute... I cannot wait to fill the page with a spash of color...

time for dreaming now.
miss g x

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