29 July 2010

A few Happy Notes before the holidays

Hello my darlings, how are you all?
I'm so very happy today.

First of all, I'm so excited about my new collection of Hedgehog Cards:

Which, I'm happy to say, will be in the store shortly!

Second, today we are going away on Holiday for a few days. Yay! We will be seing Mum and Dad, Nan, and also my sister and brother in law and their little doggy... we are going up north!!! I think will be cooler up there so I'm packing my bag with jumpers and big socks, wellies too because it looks like rain. We will be going to doggy classes on wed with Lyric! yay! Twist is going to have so much fun with her new northdeners friends!!! I hope she understands their accents...

I shall definately be cheking emails and convos, (can't sleep otherwise) but won't be posting any packages because we'll be on the road! All orders will be posted on my return on Satuday the 7th August.

Third but not last - I'm also so so thrilled: I got tickets for the I Can Do It 2010! Conference in London on September the 24th-25th-26th!!! I missed it last year but this year I'm going, and is going to be... incredible!!!

I'm going to be seeing my living idle Doreen Virtue!
Can you believe that? I have a great deal of books for her o sign!!! yay!
also I will be seeing Luise L. Hay, Julia Cameron (The Artist Way), James Ratfield (Best Seller Authur of The Celestine Prophecy) and the sweetest coach Cheryl Richardson ( I love her!!!)

I also hope to have a glance of Wayne Dyer, Robert Holden and Colette Barron Reid. It will be amazing!!! Would be so nice to hang around with some friends from the Hay House & 4AngelTherapy community too.

Sending love and special holiday wishes to you all,

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