27 July 2010

Butterfly Festival

Hello There,
how are you all? I hope really well, thank you for tuning in!
it has been a truly wonderful week end at The Butterfly Festival!

Jason's gazebo looked absolutely stunning as so did all my new illustrations,

cards, bags,

notepads, paintings, and boxes! So very exciting...
Twist was with me all the time during the day and she has been a real angel. Resting in the shade and keeping me company... ohh what a pup!

Now I very much look forward to my next show at the Flower Show and Summer Fair, Saturday 14th August in the charming Oakwood Hill Village. (RH5 5PU) Come and see me!!!

I have sold out of many items in the store but i will do a big update before i go on holiay on Friday. I will keep you posted!!!
Until then...

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