15 June 2010

Giulia's weekly tale

Hello my friends, how are you all?
I'm well, and since it has been a while since my last post, I have much to tell...

My parents came to visit us at the end of May, it has been such a joy to see them! We had lovely time together, one day we also visited Clandons House, a palladian style country house that is full of antiques delights, gardens and views. I loved it. Infact I felt a little bit like Elizabeth Bennet...!

Also, last week I got a totally different haircut. It looks really pretty! I'm so very delighted with it. I haven't had a fringe since I was 12 so it's all really exciting for me. So as you see, in this pic I have been painting a little.

remember the dear cutie unicorn?!

I have decided the colors, and I switched from bright green to pastel green, which looks definately much better.

I also painted the saddle and the reins hot pink... so girly. For her hair i decided to go with yellow gold. I am far from finished with this painting, so I shall keep you posted on future updates.

So now it is ufficial, I will be at the Butterfly Festival like two years ago. Remember?
I'm so looking forward to it. It's on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of July. Be there.

On Friday and Saturday we have been to see Jason's parents and to celebrate Father's day. We begun our day visiting the Garden Centre, were they had displayed some gorgeous roses.

We also went to the pet shop and bought a some very smelly fishy treats for her to cheer her up. Poor little baby, she has a cut on her paw pad and she could not come with us. After those treats she felt like she needed a drink!

Then we prepared for the barbeque, and I had veg sausages peanuts veg burghers, avocado, potatoes, onions. yum yum. so tasty. we also had the strawberries and cream that nan prepared. yum.

After a nice walk, pressie and bird watching the camera nest in the garden, currently hosting a couple of Great Tits and their 7 babies, (so cute), there was the football.

So Ang and I decided to remain the in the peaceful garden with Twist and play Monopoli! I love Monopoli and I can't never find anyone to play with me! So I was so happy. The first part of the game it was really good and I won a lot of money and go out of jail cards, but then towards the second half of the game i lost everything! I was totally bancurupt. Thank god it isn't a game with real money!
Very exciting: a new treasure box has come to life, magic woodland fairy box is here!

It's so very pretty, with dots, sparkles, quotes, pearly dops, hearts, cuties.

Should be up in the shop by morning. (I'll link the link)
Time to go to bed and dream of faries. Lots of love and see you soon.
Giulia x

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