26 May 2010

Updates on me... I'm still alive!

Hello sweetie pies,
how are you all? I hope very well.
I have not been so healthy in the last three days unfortunately, I've gone down with a nasty cold.
I can't belive this, the first cold in months... But I have to admit that I have been neglecting my neti pot routine for quite a while now. But since now I'm ill, I'm started again, every morning and every evening. yak! But it sure helps... a small sacrifice for the highest good! I really don't like colds!!!
All my flat mates got this cold it about two weeks ago and Jason got it on Friday.
So I really thought I got away with it!
I woke up Sunday morning tiny bit of headache, tiny bit of stomachache, but didn't really think much of it, carried on with my life... But came seven o'clock in the evening, and I could merely stand up on my feet! On Monday morning when I tryed to say "Goodomorning" to Jason and noticed that I didn't have any voice left, I start to be really worried... I really don't want a throat infection right now!!! I had this terrible feeling, so I booked an appointment with my GP to get it all checked out and started my fighting back cure like last year, eating garlic, manuka honey, sage tea, goji berries, lavender oil, banana and fresh ginger smoothie, sea salt baths, drinking lots and lots, and sleep lots and lots. Luckily, the doctor said that I have just a viral infection and I won't need any antibiotics. Thank God! I hate antibiotics. Especially after all my efforts to rebuilt my immune system since last year! It does literally take months to rebuilt because antibiotics kill everything.

Anyway, such is life hey?!
As I'm stuck indoors, I thought I might be able to paint at least. But no... when ever I try to stand up, I get vertigo and stomachaches, So I just stayed in bed all the time, trying to watch fantasy movies such as The Princess Bride (amazing!!!) and Labyrinth, inevitably falling asleep half way through!!! I have some lovely books to read but I really can't focus much on anything right now.

Since I have to stay indoors and rest to get better I thought I might be able to complete the Unicorn painting that I started last week,

It's already so beautiful... But I just felt to tired for that.
So a admired paintings that are hanging the room. Looking at them has given me so much happiness: They are so pretty, magical and relaxing!

Especially, the Little Unicorn Princess painting:

and the matching Unicorn Box:

I feel sorry for little Twist who has not gone on a walk for three days poor thing and she has missed her Puppy classes and a lot of fan with her doggie friends!

She has been really good indoors with me, most of the time she is sleeping and chewing her toys. Good girl.

I hope to shake off this cold by the week end, my parents are coming to visit us and would be such a shame to be ill when they are here. I haven't seen them since Christmas so I'm really looking forward to this! And Twist can't wait to meet her grandparents for the first time either!


14 May 2010

Princess Cards in Store now!

Hello Princes and Princesses,
How are you all? I hope very well. I'm very happy to share with you this new illustration

which is now in the store in the form of eco friendly card sets:

So very pretty! They are printed on recycled white card and come in packs of 5, with matching recycled paper envelopes in biodegradable sleeves.

And, they are decorated with fairy dust...
These will make a reat birthday/thinking of you/just a note card!
You can find them here.
And a dollar from every sale of these and all the other products in the shop will be devoted to the Shark Marine Conservation Bite Back.

Sending you lots of love and
Have a lovely week end,

11 May 2010

Make a Pledge to Save the Oceans

Hello my Dears,
I'm so excited about this!!!

You can now pledge to save the Oceans for Oceana here in this blog!
For every pledge Oceana will gain $1 so please take part!

You can find the pledge on the left hand side bar of this blog, about half way through the page.

Thank you for your support,

Original Fairy Painting

Hello my sweet little darlings,
I'm so very happy to let you know that the Original Fairy Painting
is now in the store!

Love Giulia