14 April 2010

Typing Days

Hello Everybody,
a wonderful day to you.

It's already Wednesday and it feels more like a Friday! I actually can't wait until next week because I really want to go puppy classes with Twist next Monday and learn more about the doggy world. We are now on the new level of puppy classes, Ruth actually put us with the adult dogs! Twist is really really good now, and much much better to be with. Anyway, where I was at? Right. Feels like a friday and the end of a working week for most people, which means, I'm so tired lately! I think it must be the season and the temperature change as well. What I need is some super foods I think!
So because I'm so tired and (I spend most of my free time in the garden reading and potting) I'm not getting much done on the illustration side... rather more on the dreamy side.

Lately, my mind is full of vision ideas and busy busy busy with stuff. At night I dream dream and dream and sometimes I worry so much too. Dreams happens also because I have this huge Labradorite Crystal with at all times. It's so gorgeous, (I must post a pic soon). Of course I got it from the wonderful Mystery Mountain in town - shop of which by the way, I can't keep off, because I love it (and also partly because is one of the few shops where dogs are actually allowed in!)

So... where was I at? Right the dreamy stuff.
Yes, so it felt like the right time to bring out my typing machine and catching up with my correspondence and dreams writing, which I admit I have let a little bit behind since... well Christmas I think! It's amazing how much you can fit into an A4 with the help of this little guy. :)

Saving paper and saving the planet one letter at the time. Of course I don't have to say, I only ever use recycled paper? and I'm afraid... I do despise anyone who doesn't. I'm an Indigo guys, and also, a November girl, which is a very strong combination don't you think?

Must go darlings, bed calls.
But will write more in the next few days. Hopefully about something a bit more substantial.


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