09 April 2010

Flower Fairy Reports...

Lastest news from the garden!

These last few days have been so beautiful that we have all spent as much time as we could outside. We basically rebranded the whole plot and also all our window pots! And it's so nice to start fresh. After picking a very large crop of veggies from last year,

Jason was able to digg over the plot and digg in lots of organic horse manure that it's sure gone make our veggie amazing just like last year. We have sow lettuce, radishes, spinach, under our mini polytunnel and onions under the mesh tunnel. Hooray!

This morning I also bought a new memeber of our green family: a little Ribes rubrum bush (white currant) I love white currant! So delicios and sweet... no need for anything else with it, just delicious eaten straight from the plant. What's all this nonsense about black currents? (hideous thing) red currents? (bitter things) and goosberries? (disgusting things) Nope, not for me! Forgive me, but it's just that to be able to eat them in pies and stuff you must put so much sweetener and sugar, it just ends up to be a really unhealthy food (just like rhubarb). To be truthful, if I really want to be uneathy, I just eat a chocolate brownie, or a sugar doughnut.
For one thing though, birds love these berries! So it's great to grow for the birds...

Today we also potted these tomatoes in pots. We have 3 varieties, some san marzano plums and sweet mini cherries. They look adorable! And right now they are all cozy wrapped up in the green house. So looking forward seeing them growing.

Meanwhile, flowerwise,

These are the plants I choose for our windows this spring, and they look so pretty. I love looking at them.
Work wise, I haven't really had the time to post the new cards I made, (they are so cute, i'm telling you) but I will do soon.

For now,
Goodnigh my darlings. Take care and please, spend some time in the garden!


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