30 April 2010

Caching Up...

Hello my sweety pies,
I have been so busy lately that I hardly had time to write... I need to catch up!
So..where to start? Well. Three weeks ago the weather was so fine and warm that I spent every morning outside

with little (not so little anymore) Twisty-Twist.

I usually take some picnic because when I draw and paint I get so hungry!
And enjoy the sunshine... It's not yet warm enough to wear skirts yet, but it's still very lovely.
This week however, it has been very cold indeed. I had to wear my big woolly jumpers and woolly socks too! Incredible.

I'm having so much fun designing new illustrations to fill my shop blog and facebook page with! All these new illustration are part of a fairy series, so they are all so magical and pretty.
Just looking at them brings such a joy in my heart!

This is the first little unicorn of the collection, isn't he adorable?
I'm definately going to frame it because every time I see it, it puts a smile on my face.
Unicorns cards are now available in the shop!!!
I love writing letters and cards... So I'm making a pretty stationery set for my special corrispondence as well...!

Soon after painting this unicorn I had the inspiration of painting another one right away:

This one is painted in a box canvas with acrylic colors. I completed it last night so I will soon post pictures of the finished artwork, hooray!
This is another fairy painting, a pretty girly Butterfly Fairy and a pink banner on the top for a inspiring quote, which I'm still meditating about. I might well be:

"You can only fly as high as the dreams you dare to live"

because it is one of my favorites... I'll have to wait and see what comes up for it... You can advise me if you have some ideas, use the commet box to pot your thoughts or write to me at the usual fairy email letterbox: info@giuliamauri.com

And this my darlings it's another little Dragonfly Fairy, and she is the dearest little thing.
At the time being it is hang on the wall right by my side bed, and I look at her before I go to sleep at night and when I wake up first thing.

However, this is only momenteraly, because she will be find a new home soon, in the Art Shop!

I'm so grateful that the days are getting brighter and longer because I manage to do so much more with my time. This is a picture of the beautiful moon I've been watching rising lately:

I'm also happy to announce that I have made another donation in favor of all the creatures of the sea the other day, my darlings, it is another $40!
I'm so so happy, and I want to thank you all for shopping at The Card Tree and helping me to help the environment!

Oceana it's such a great organization, and I advice you to visit their web site and get involved! To help and spread the world you can add their logo and link on your blog too, or writie an article or sign their petitions, or all of these things! They are all for honorable causes to save our beloved animal kingdom.

This trimester I will be donating the percentace of all my sales to the Shark Marine Conservation, Bite Back and after that, well my darlings, we start all over again with Sharkwater! Hooray! It will only be a year since I started this project, but look how much difference we have made together so far!
Thank you to you all,
Lots of love and many blessings,

From Giulia

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