30 April 2010

Caching Up...

Hello my sweety pies,
I have been so busy lately that I hardly had time to write... I need to catch up!
So..where to start? Well. Three weeks ago the weather was so fine and warm that I spent every morning outside

with little (not so little anymore) Twisty-Twist.

I usually take some picnic because when I draw and paint I get so hungry!
And enjoy the sunshine... It's not yet warm enough to wear skirts yet, but it's still very lovely.
This week however, it has been very cold indeed. I had to wear my big woolly jumpers and woolly socks too! Incredible.

I'm having so much fun designing new illustrations to fill my shop blog and facebook page with! All these new illustration are part of a fairy series, so they are all so magical and pretty.
Just looking at them brings such a joy in my heart!

This is the first little unicorn of the collection, isn't he adorable?
I'm definately going to frame it because every time I see it, it puts a smile on my face.
Unicorns cards are now available in the shop!!!
I love writing letters and cards... So I'm making a pretty stationery set for my special corrispondence as well...!

Soon after painting this unicorn I had the inspiration of painting another one right away:

This one is painted in a box canvas with acrylic colors. I completed it last night so I will soon post pictures of the finished artwork, hooray!
This is another fairy painting, a pretty girly Butterfly Fairy and a pink banner on the top for a inspiring quote, which I'm still meditating about. I might well be:

"You can only fly as high as the dreams you dare to live"

because it is one of my favorites... I'll have to wait and see what comes up for it... You can advise me if you have some ideas, use the commet box to pot your thoughts or write to me at the usual fairy email letterbox: info@giuliamauri.com

And this my darlings it's another little Dragonfly Fairy, and she is the dearest little thing.
At the time being it is hang on the wall right by my side bed, and I look at her before I go to sleep at night and when I wake up first thing.

However, this is only momenteraly, because she will be find a new home soon, in the Art Shop!

I'm so grateful that the days are getting brighter and longer because I manage to do so much more with my time. This is a picture of the beautiful moon I've been watching rising lately:

I'm also happy to announce that I have made another donation in favor of all the creatures of the sea the other day, my darlings, it is another $40!
I'm so so happy, and I want to thank you all for shopping at The Card Tree and helping me to help the environment!

Oceana it's such a great organization, and I advice you to visit their web site and get involved! To help and spread the world you can add their logo and link on your blog too, or writie an article or sign their petitions, or all of these things! They are all for honorable causes to save our beloved animal kingdom.

This trimester I will be donating the percentace of all my sales to the Shark Marine Conservation, Bite Back and after that, well my darlings, we start all over again with Sharkwater! Hooray! It will only be a year since I started this project, but look how much difference we have made together so far!
Thank you to you all,
Lots of love and many blessings,

From Giulia

14 April 2010

Typing Days

Hello Everybody,
a wonderful day to you.

It's already Wednesday and it feels more like a Friday! I actually can't wait until next week because I really want to go puppy classes with Twist next Monday and learn more about the doggy world. We are now on the new level of puppy classes, Ruth actually put us with the adult dogs! Twist is really really good now, and much much better to be with. Anyway, where I was at? Right. Feels like a friday and the end of a working week for most people, which means, I'm so tired lately! I think it must be the season and the temperature change as well. What I need is some super foods I think!
So because I'm so tired and (I spend most of my free time in the garden reading and potting) I'm not getting much done on the illustration side... rather more on the dreamy side.

Lately, my mind is full of vision ideas and busy busy busy with stuff. At night I dream dream and dream and sometimes I worry so much too. Dreams happens also because I have this huge Labradorite Crystal with at all times. It's so gorgeous, (I must post a pic soon). Of course I got it from the wonderful Mystery Mountain in town - shop of which by the way, I can't keep off, because I love it (and also partly because is one of the few shops where dogs are actually allowed in!)

So... where was I at? Right the dreamy stuff.
Yes, so it felt like the right time to bring out my typing machine and catching up with my correspondence and dreams writing, which I admit I have let a little bit behind since... well Christmas I think! It's amazing how much you can fit into an A4 with the help of this little guy. :)

Saving paper and saving the planet one letter at the time. Of course I don't have to say, I only ever use recycled paper? and I'm afraid... I do despise anyone who doesn't. I'm an Indigo guys, and also, a November girl, which is a very strong combination don't you think?

Must go darlings, bed calls.
But will write more in the next few days. Hopefully about something a bit more substantial.


09 April 2010

Flower Fairy Reports...

Lastest news from the garden!

These last few days have been so beautiful that we have all spent as much time as we could outside. We basically rebranded the whole plot and also all our window pots! And it's so nice to start fresh. After picking a very large crop of veggies from last year,

Jason was able to digg over the plot and digg in lots of organic horse manure that it's sure gone make our veggie amazing just like last year. We have sow lettuce, radishes, spinach, under our mini polytunnel and onions under the mesh tunnel. Hooray!

This morning I also bought a new memeber of our green family: a little Ribes rubrum bush (white currant) I love white currant! So delicios and sweet... no need for anything else with it, just delicious eaten straight from the plant. What's all this nonsense about black currents? (hideous thing) red currents? (bitter things) and goosberries? (disgusting things) Nope, not for me! Forgive me, but it's just that to be able to eat them in pies and stuff you must put so much sweetener and sugar, it just ends up to be a really unhealthy food (just like rhubarb). To be truthful, if I really want to be uneathy, I just eat a chocolate brownie, or a sugar doughnut.
For one thing though, birds love these berries! So it's great to grow for the birds...

Today we also potted these tomatoes in pots. We have 3 varieties, some san marzano plums and sweet mini cherries. They look adorable! And right now they are all cozy wrapped up in the green house. So looking forward seeing them growing.

Meanwhile, flowerwise,

These are the plants I choose for our windows this spring, and they look so pretty. I love looking at them.
Work wise, I haven't really had the time to post the new cards I made, (they are so cute, i'm telling you) but I will do soon.

For now,
Goodnigh my darlings. Take care and please, spend some time in the garden!


04 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Hello everybody!
Oh my gosh, can you belive it? It's Easter already...
A very Happy Easter to you all!

I hope you having lovely time.
We are enjoying hills and spring walks these few days that Jason is at home with us.

On Easter Sunday our friend Chris is coming for lunch, and I can't wait, because I haven't seen him in ages! Also Twist really wants to meet Chris.

Twist is looking very girly & festive today in her pink bandana that Auntie Giorgia sew for her at Valentine's!

I'm digging in my Handmade Easter Egg that Jason got for me, how very cute and sweet...

I also took this pictures or Easter pressie that I sent to my mommy a few weeks back,
I think is so cute, She will love it...

Mini eggs are such a joy, aren't they? Yes, much better then the ones wrapped up in foil. You can also buy the paper tube for only a few p more, so you can recycle the packaging.

Love them...