29 March 2010

Late Night Studio - Spring Artworks

Hello my Darlings,
I hope you are all well! Thank you for tuning in - this evening I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my lastest illustration in progress, which I'm hoping to complete in the morning and to hve in the store by the end of next week!

(from left to right:)

'Daffodil Fairy' and 'My Cool Daddy'


Also since last week I had several messages on Etsy about my new notepads
(thank you s much to you all! ps: I love you)
So. people have asked me a little bit about them so let me do a little F.A.Q.

- Yep, they are a limited edition of artwork so that's the reason why there are not so many in the store.
- Yep, every piece can be personalized to your taste! You can have any of my illustrations on the font and even your favorite quote at the back.
-Yep, they come beautifully wrapped so they make a great gift!

If you have any more questions about these or any of my other work don't hesitate to contact me. I usually try to answer all of the messages within a couple of days.

Must go my darlings, need to rest my artist eyes for tomorrow morning!
More artwork coming soon... Giulia is a busy bee these days!



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