25 March 2010

Fairy Tale World

Hello my Darlings!
How are you today? I hope very well.
I'm great, and very much excited about latest illustrations...they are the cutest little things!

This is Princess:

and this is Butterfly Fairy:

They are so adorable, and make lovely fairy cards:

To reward my self for the very well done job I got myself this pretty piece of design by Kenneth Grange (genius):

My very own white Anglepoise 75!
Absolutely stunning if you ask me. Last night I staid up late to try it while painting, and is incredible! Came with a very modern energy saving light bulb which is incredibly bright and easily lights up the whole studio! Is not actually as white as in this picture, rather a soft off white, which by the way, is just perfect for me.

I also got myself this Reeves Art A2 Workstation:
Which is just what I needed to avoid getting a bad back (I tend to bend over my work a lot
to get all the details right...) no more. From now on Giulia is going to paint with a straight back. All my new cards will be in the store shortly in packs of 5 and 4 mix and match! Check back this evening to heart them!

lots of love,

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