16 March 2010

All things that grow...

Hello my darlings!

How are you all? I'm SO tired. Twist is determined to drive me absolutely NUTS.
yep. She is a naughty puppy. Even if I take her out for several walks everyday, play almost every minute, she will still bark at shadows really loud and not listen to any of my commands.

I'm so tired, sad and frustrated. The only joy I have these days is watching want's left on my adorable still living plans which I so care about (she destroyed most of them... my heart is broken. )

This is the bulb that I potted 3 weeks ago: I sent a twin one to my mummy for woman's day! Her is in bloom as well right now... how cute is that!

These are my teté-a-teté that I potted about a month ago and they are situated in the kitchen wondow sill. I love them so much. They are in a goreous willow basket decorated with a heart at the front.

And this in the first fungo from Jason's funghi's growing tray. I hope many others will follow.
I could not resist drawing a little window and door on it, it look so magical!

Now, I will go to enjoy my well deserved sleep afet another exausting day with nightmare Twist.

lots of love
and keeps your thoughts positive for me please.
a couple or prayers would be greatly appreciated.

kiss kiss kiss


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