29 March 2010

Late Night Studio - Spring Artworks

Hello my Darlings,
I hope you are all well! Thank you for tuning in - this evening I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my lastest illustration in progress, which I'm hoping to complete in the morning and to hve in the store by the end of next week!

(from left to right:)

'Daffodil Fairy' and 'My Cool Daddy'


Also since last week I had several messages on Etsy about my new notepads
(thank you s much to you all! ps: I love you)
So. people have asked me a little bit about them so let me do a little F.A.Q.

- Yep, they are a limited edition of artwork so that's the reason why there are not so many in the store.
- Yep, every piece can be personalized to your taste! You can have any of my illustrations on the font and even your favorite quote at the back.
-Yep, they come beautifully wrapped so they make a great gift!

If you have any more questions about these or any of my other work don't hesitate to contact me. I usually try to answer all of the messages within a couple of days.

Must go my darlings, need to rest my artist eyes for tomorrow morning!
More artwork coming soon... Giulia is a busy bee these days!



25 March 2010

Late Night Studio

Good evening precious stars!
Just a short note to update you about what's going on in the studio this evening:

The fairy cards are in own the store - you can click on the images below to view them:

I'm also working on a couple of cute artworks that I hope will be turn into cards by next week!

And this is my favorite of all:

I can't wait until tomorrow and spend another wonderful day in my studio.
These days I go to sleep thinking about painting and I wake up thinking about painting. When I have "lunch" I'm actually holding the fork in one hand and the brush in the other. Funny...
Lots of love and night stars,


Fairy Tale World

Hello my Darlings!
How are you today? I hope very well.
I'm great, and very much excited about latest illustrations...they are the cutest little things!

This is Princess:

and this is Butterfly Fairy:

They are so adorable, and make lovely fairy cards:

To reward my self for the very well done job I got myself this pretty piece of design by Kenneth Grange (genius):

My very own white Anglepoise 75!
Absolutely stunning if you ask me. Last night I staid up late to try it while painting, and is incredible! Came with a very modern energy saving light bulb which is incredibly bright and easily lights up the whole studio! Is not actually as white as in this picture, rather a soft off white, which by the way, is just perfect for me.

I also got myself this Reeves Art A2 Workstation:
Which is just what I needed to avoid getting a bad back (I tend to bend over my work a lot
to get all the details right...) no more. From now on Giulia is going to paint with a straight back. All my new cards will be in the store shortly in packs of 5 and 4 mix and match! Check back this evening to heart them!

lots of love,

20 March 2010

Illustration: Get Well Soon

Hello my darlings!
I have to thank you for your kind thoughts and messages and prayers! Twist is much better since Wed. This water sprayer is my new best friend and Twist wrose enemy!

So now, if she barks to her shadows or eat my plants, we spray her!
Simple and effective. Why did I not think about it before?!

I've been busy in the studio lately, creating some lovely illustration for the new season.
And this is one of them:

I can't wait to make some lovely cards with it! Is extremely cute, this little bunny trying to figure out this paper banner... oh!

More artworks coming soon.
Happy First Day of Spring!


16 March 2010

All things that grow...

Hello my darlings!

How are you all? I'm SO tired. Twist is determined to drive me absolutely NUTS.
yep. She is a naughty puppy. Even if I take her out for several walks everyday, play almost every minute, she will still bark at shadows really loud and not listen to any of my commands.

I'm so tired, sad and frustrated. The only joy I have these days is watching want's left on my adorable still living plans which I so care about (she destroyed most of them... my heart is broken. )

This is the bulb that I potted 3 weeks ago: I sent a twin one to my mummy for woman's day! Her is in bloom as well right now... how cute is that!

These are my teté-a-teté that I potted about a month ago and they are situated in the kitchen wondow sill. I love them so much. They are in a goreous willow basket decorated with a heart at the front.

And this in the first fungo from Jason's funghi's growing tray. I hope many others will follow.
I could not resist drawing a little window and door on it, it look so magical!

Now, I will go to enjoy my well deserved sleep afet another exausting day with nightmare Twist.

lots of love
and keeps your thoughts positive for me please.
a couple or prayers would be greatly appreciated.

kiss kiss kiss


15 March 2010

Fairy Writing Set

Exciting fairy news today my darlings...
New writing set in store now:

it's so girly! Is made with recycled paper that cointains red shredded english stamps inside, so cute!

Comes with matching envelopes and is wrapped in biodegadable cello bags, ideal for gift giving!

12 March 2010

Fairy Cards in store this evening and... Twist has discovered the confort of my bed!

Hello Hello Hello!
I could not wait until tomorrow to post these NEW cards that I made this evening for my "fairy series" a real celebration for my illustration Fairy Mother, that I painted last week:
I've been wanting to make fairy cards for ages! And now they are finally come to life. It feel so good, and it has encouraged to make more too!

Right... I leave you with this, and I go sleepy sleeps with my Twist who today has discovered the confort of our bed. Oh dear...

x fairy kisses x
& Happy Mothers Day!

mini Illustrated Notepads - in Store

Hello everybody,
i'm so excited to write this evening because I can't wait to share all the new cuties I made during the day! So, lets start from here:

This is a new series of Mini Notepads, very useful little things to take you your purse or handbag and take note of all the clever things that would otherwise be lost forever! I adore making lists, and these notepads are just perfect for that!
And... did I mention that they are also eco friendly?

They are made with high quality smooth white recycled paper on the inside and ribbed brown recycled card for its cover...

This notepad is decoraded with one of my illustrations "Love is in the Air" that also has sparkles on it!

And this one is decorated with my illustration "Is Raining Love"

And then handstamped with this very inspirin quote from Henry David Thoreau, which is one of my favorite 'dream' quotes:

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined."

More stationery coming soon to the shop so keep your eyes open!
Lots of love and have a great week end...


09 March 2010

Afternoon Nap

Today, after making mommy tired (and also a bit angry i think), I finally got tired and found a sunny spot to sleep on... goodnight everybody, I'm going sleepy sleeps...

Twist x

08 March 2010

Magical Mermaid

Hello my dears,
I hope you are all well!
This is my latest illustration for the series Magical Fairies and Mermaids!

She is lovely, and she is holding the Meditate oracle card in her hand and she is surrounded by beautiful ocean creatures and adorned with sea shells and star fish.

I really like her, and I can't wait to find a place for her in my shop!
lots of love,

05 March 2010

Hello my darlings, how are you all?
I'm well and enjoying this beautiful fine weather outside!
Today my spring illustration has been featured on an Etsy Treasure by julieblanchette:

isn't wonderful?
Great way to start the week end...

Seing you all lots of love,
and talk to you soon!


02 March 2010

Fairy Mother

Hello my darlings,
just a short note today to share my new Fairy Mother illustration that I completed last night.
She is just so pretty and I can't wait to print some eco friendly cards and writing sets and add them to The Card Tree collection on Etsy!

Lots of magic kisses