26 February 2010

From pencil to color...

Hello my darlings!

It's nice to finally be back to my studio and dedicate my self to my blog updates!
In the last week I've been working on some gentle soft illustrations for my illustrations store on Etsy - the theme that came across was rabbits rabbits rabbits. I love rabbits! And with the Easter just around the corner Rabbits Illustration make perfect sense, right?

This are the pencil drawing I did on Monday evening:

a very clever Rabbit Chef


a very Fairy Birthday Party Rabbit...

of course these sweet darlings would not come alive without these beautiful pastel colors, so here they are completed and ready to be printed on writing sets, notelets and notecards!

how pretty and how exciting!

I'm so proud and happy about these new art work that I've stated a series of fairies, little magic girls, princesess and mermaids.

Must go and paint...
See you later,


22 February 2010

Hello Hello

Hello sweety pies,
how are you all? Hope really well!
This little one wanted to say hello to you all!

And I just wanted to recommend this wonderful audio book which is just helping me so much to understand the doggy world:

Genius. I love listing to it in the car. Cesar voice is so reassuring and relaxing!
Must go painting and of course, looking after my little one.
Lots of love,

12 February 2010

I'm very good

I'm very good.
Today Mummy and Daddy took me in the car to see Grandma and Grandad, Great Grand Ma, Autie Vicki, Uncle Luke, Cusin Lyric. I was in the car for an hour and I was really good all the way there. Infact I slept all the way and the car was like a lullaby! I can't wait to take another trip with Mommy on Monday. She is taking me to Puppy classes!!!

paws, Twist x

08 February 2010

Air Balloon Writin Set

Hello my Sweety Pies!
thank you for visiting me today.
I painted this air balloon illustration

for my new range of soft-dream-like stationery sets:

i really like them, so pinky, pretty & girly!
It would be a perfect little girl preset for children's secret girly letters!
It printed on 100% post consurmer recycled paper and is wrapped up in a biodegradable cello sleeve.

You can find it right here.
Lots of Love,

06 February 2010

Pretty Pink love Illustration

Hello my darlings,
Happy february everyone!
February... the month of love. I made this cute illustration to celabrate this season!

And I printed off som gorgeous letter set that are in the shop already!

I really like it!
I keept one a set for my special corrispondence and I can't wait to use it!

so cute!

Lots of love,

01 February 2010

News: Free Shipping at The Card Tree

Hi everyone!
Exciting news at The Card Tree...
You can now enjoy FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on every item in my store!
Hooray for mail!
Loe, Giulia x