25 January 2010

Robin Snowdrop Illustration (& a little bit about us)

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all keeping well. Here in England it's still cold, wintery and christmassy.
The dark mornings still lead me to listen to carols at breakfast time. The other day I even found myself singing 'Santa Clous is comin to town' out loud! Well, they do say that it should be Christmas everyday, don't they? So perhaps for me it's true.

Twist and I went to see the sheeps in the opposite field to our house. They are so sweet. Twist like them! She is doing really well with her training and growing pretty quickly!
I spend most of my days with her, which is really lovely. On Monday we are starting puppy classes and I'm so excited about that too!

She is is already sitting, waiting and going down but we doesn't quite understand 'heel' just yet. After all, she is still so tiny and will have lots of time to learn these things...

Regarding the shop, I have updated it with new writing sets and this is one of them:

That has a pretty illustration painted by me of a Robin and a Snowdrop

simple and elegant. I love it!

You can find it in the shop.

lots of love,

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