25 January 2010

Robin Snowdrop Illustration (& a little bit about us)

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all keeping well. Here in England it's still cold, wintery and christmassy.
The dark mornings still lead me to listen to carols at breakfast time. The other day I even found myself singing 'Santa Clous is comin to town' out loud! Well, they do say that it should be Christmas everyday, don't they? So perhaps for me it's true.

Twist and I went to see the sheeps in the opposite field to our house. They are so sweet. Twist like them! She is doing really well with her training and growing pretty quickly!
I spend most of my days with her, which is really lovely. On Monday we are starting puppy classes and I'm so excited about that too!

She is is already sitting, waiting and going down but we doesn't quite understand 'heel' just yet. After all, she is still so tiny and will have lots of time to learn these things...

Regarding the shop, I have updated it with new writing sets and this is one of them:

That has a pretty illustration painted by me of a Robin and a Snowdrop

simple and elegant. I love it!

You can find it in the shop.

lots of love,

16 January 2010

I'm arrived!

My name is Twist, and I've arrived today to my new home!

I'm a 12 weeks old little girl, I like to play, eat and... sleep.

See you soon,

x Twist x

12 January 2010

Lavender Writing Set

Hello darlings!
today I added more pretty handmade writing sets in the shop:

These writing sets are made using recycled paper embedded with lavender heads,
so pretty and unique!

I wrap them up using biodegradable corn starch bag:

Really perfect to give as a present. You can find them here!


11 January 2010

It's ready!

I'm so proud...
today I completed Twist's cozy winter coat!

I have to say... I took a little bit of practice...
and a lot of help from my knitting book and 'getting started' knitting cd! (I love it)

But I have to say, I'm rather impressed with my work!
And this knitting hobby it started to be a bit addictive...
I knit in the morning when I wake up, in the evening before going to sleep, in front of the telly, etc. Sometimes I even forget to drink my cup of tea while knitting and I remeber to take a sip when is already cold!

I already started a new knitting project. It's a slim fashion purple scarf for myself. I love scarfs. I have quite a collection already, but I love to wear a different one every day.
This time I'm determined to learn a different knitting stitch. And while my book doesn't really explain advanced stitching tecniques, on you tube there are lots of resurces available to study.
I will soon post my new scarf for you to see!

Now I'm back to my work and my shop orders...
lots of love and more snow angels!



This is what it looks like o her:

I love her little wet nose on this picture!


10 January 2010

Every couple needs a Pup...

after 6 and a half years together and three weeks of engagement, Jason and I decided to 'take it to the next level' and getting a pup (so called joy of our life):

This little girl, who's name is Twist...
She is currently in a rescue home with her gorgeous brothers and sister, but we will pick her up on Saturday! Hooray! I'm so excited to becoming a mummy...!

In the past week we had wonderful Christmas like weather all over Britan.

By the way, now on telly they call it 'frozen Britan' well, come on?!

Does this sound a little bit tragic to you too?
Snow come 2 o 3 times a year (if we are lucky) why don't we just enjoy it?!

Jason and I built these snow scuptures together! A love arch and 'twist' the snow dog! So pretty!

As it's really cold outside, so I'm putting my knitting craft at the test making a cozy coat for my little girl!! I hate dog coats, but she is only little and she really needs one after all.
I chosen a italian merino black cozy wool, so it won't really show on her, but will keep her warm in the snow. I have to post a picture of it when it's completed!

The other day I received a parcel from the US with this lovely handmade gift from my Antie Giorgia: a snowman table cloth! It's so jolly and wintery! Perfect. She also sent us some homemade cookies... and as you can see, they did not last very long as they were so delicious!!!

You must be wondering... did you work a all this week?! Well... Of course, i did my dears...
I've been busy painting lots very pretty girly and curly illustrations that will soon be in the shop as writing sets, cards and more...! Keep your eyes open to see them in the next few days.

until tommorrow then...
lots of love and snow angels to you.

01 January 2010

Christmas Holidays

Hello my dears,
Happy New Year to you!
May this year bring you love and joy, and many beautiful moments and people in your life.

Today I downloaded our holiday pictures in the computer and I found so many nice ones! I can't wait to share them with you... They really make my heart leap with joy just looking at them!

This is the beautiful tree and fireplace at Jason's parents house, where we spent our Christmas. It was so festive and cozy! On Christmas eve we left Santa's supper by the fireplace, {mince pie and port},

and by the morning it was gone! And our stockings were filled with presents! It was so magical.
This year it was also the first one as pesco-vegetatian. I had a woderful Christmas veggie meal and replaced the turkey with some lovely organic salmon, and I still enjoyed the cramberry sauce on top anyway! yummy!

We all made our own crackers for each other. I made this one for Jason mummy:

I really enjoyed this holidays. I received beautiful gifts, presents and cards, but the best gift of all it was my engagement with Jason! Jason made me a beautiful ring with a freshwater pearl and proposed on the train to Venice! It was such a romantic moment! And such a wonderful way to finish and to start the new year!

More pictures and tales coming up soon
nighty night