13 December 2010

The four months update in a post...

Here I am. Finally!
Where does time goes?! I've been trying to write for ages, but life seems to get in the way.
It's almost midnight, but I cannot possibly postpone this update any longer!
This was going to be the tree months update but it is now become the four months update...!
I guess you won't get bored because it will take a little while to read it all!!!Lets's work backwards shall we?

First and foremost, Happy New Year to you all my darlings!
I hope you all had a lovely holiday season break!

We had some lovely Christmas time this year. I really enjoyed all of the Christmas decorations, which we had up since the fist week end in December (!)

Here is a picture of the tree and our presents! They are so many I can't even get to the tree...
This year I made my very own first Christmas Wreath:

I'm so pleased! I bought the base from the garden centre and then added dried orage slices made by my mum, cinnamon sticks, pinecones, frosted berries, a ribbon and a bell. I'm definately making another one next year!

I really enjoyed the build up to Christmas this year.
Christmas carols in the morning when you wake up, christmas hats and socks, red pj's, the delights of the season such as 'pandoro', homemade mince pies, mulled wine, hot chocolate and spicy christmas teas... and... my very own new seasonal recipe:
festive apples.
You've got to try these, they are so tasty and great pudding when family + friends are around. also, so simple and recipe can be aggiusted to your taste very easily.

Giulia's Festive Apples

Apples (pealed and with applecore removed)
puff pastry
1 tsp of caster sugar
1 tsp of agave/marple syrup
pinch of cinnamon

So now you have your pealed apples, strech the puff pastry around them, put the agave syrup inside and sprinkle the cinnamon on top. Wrap the pastry around the apples, and seal with drop of milk. Spinkle with caster sugar, off in the oven at 180° for 20 min.
Serve hot with custard cream (optional but warmly recommended!)

I've created some pretty new illustration this season and they have been so popular,

I'm so happy about them. I shall definitely bring them out again next. Here some of my new friends:

Miss Tree Fairy
Looking very pretty with her tree-shaped cocktail dress and festive holly in her hair...
Mr. Christmas Pudding
Looking all tasty with icing on the top...

Miss Mistletoe Fairy
Showing off her Butterfly Fairy Wings

And my favorites...
The Smiling Trees! One has a star on the top, one an angel and one a fairy.

Just before Christmas we had two amazing snowfalls. The landscape was totally transformed, so so beautiful. It really brought the Christmas spirit to life.

Twist also enjoyed playing in the snow, she chase it and eats it... she is so funny to watch!

We spent Christmas at Jason's parents house with all the family. There is always a wonderful Christmas atmosphere and it's so easy to get into the Christmas spirit.

Althought this is what happen to me on Christmas Eve!

I was so tired from the very intese working month that I completely collapsed by the fireplace.
But this is so great about holidays, you can sleep lots and lots and recuparate the energy and relax, not having to worry about anything at all!!!

After a wonderful night sleep, We woke up to find that Santa did leave lots of presents for us!

I was so pleased with all my pressies.

I received a lovely Mirrow for the bedroom, one mirror for the lounge to go on top of the fireplace, a large set of handamde candles, a handmade chopping boad (personalized with my name!), cosy socks, a hamper, cookies, herbal teas, the inception dvd, the gladiator sundtrack cd, the wayne's world soundtrack cd, cool t's, and more. So lucky!

When we got home we cracked on with some decoating in the fireplace half in the lounge and we put the new mirror up! it look so lovely!!! (the half was grey before).

We are going to paint the rest of the walls in cotton white like we did in the bedroom. Is going to look so nice... I shall keep you posted with more pics.

Back in November I celebrated my Birthday, on the 11th.
The event I look forward to every year... I had a party here in the Uk with Jason's family, then I went to italy and had another party there with my family and friends! What a lucky girl...

This is a picture I took at my sister in law's. She put up color lights and made a sign for me (it's on the mirrow - can you see it? This picture is a bit dark, sorry)

The Autumn was so beautiful here in Surrey, we had a wonderful specticals of leafes and fairy mushrooms and lots of frosty and sunny mornings.

Walks were so nice.

At home we celebrated Halloween, of course!

And we had lovely treats too:

These are choc. apples!

right... I have a few more pictures to add, such as the christmas stall, snow pics, georgia's finished boxes and more but I will do so in the morning, now it's time for sleepy sleeps! better go to sleep before befana finds me still awake!!!

See you very soon,

love Giulia

10 December 2010

I'm Still alive and kicking!

Hello my dearest darlings...
how are you all!
I am still here, alive and kicking!!!

These have been 3 crazy months for me, and I really haven't had any time for my self or my blog. So I do apologize for the much delay of this post!

I have so many nice pics and new artwork to share, and I'm hoping to do so in the next few days and update the blog with all that you've been missing such as:
our new house, decorating progress, halloween parties, my trip to italy, the xmas fair, the snow in England, and lots of very cute NEW artwork.

I cannot belive that it is almost Christmas.
I'm so excited about this time of the year so I'm offering a extra 5% discount voucher (as well as free shipping!!!) for all of my customers who will shop in my store this Dicember.

The voucher is then valid until the Christmas cheer is all nicely wrapped away for next year by the Tree Wise Men at the end of the 5th of January (at Midnight).

So be sure to make your purchases before then!
Sending all my love and warmest hugs and wishes
to all of you,
a big fat kissy kiss kiss.

16 November 2010

Images you can share!

Hello sweethearts!
I have created these images for you to grab and share!
aren't they cute?


Giulia Mauri
<div align="center"><a href="http://giuliamauri.blogspot.com" title="Giulia Mauri"><img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-6JPO76EMdr8/TsMGTp3odAI/AAAAAAAAC9w/Ju_4F65h9Ig/s320/IllustrationButton2-150.jpg" alt="Giulia Mauri" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


Giulia Mauri's Blog
<div align="center"><a href="http://giuliamauri.blogspot.com" title="Giulia Mauri's Blog"><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-D_Tw1mr-EqY/TsMCZlEngwI/AAAAAAAAC9Y/c2qJBF6v-Ek/s1600/IllustrationButton150.jpg" alt="Giulia Mauri's Blog" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Please do feel free to grab them!
Much love,

06 October 2010

I'm Moving!

Hello my darlings!
I have a very exciting news. We have moved out of our apartament and into a cute detached victorian lodge house. I'm so Happy. This is all so exciting!
I will post pictures soon.

15 September 2010

Paint at Breakfast, Paint at Noon

I'm the sort of person that will put the bush before the spoon. Absolutely. Painting is the most importat thing in my life.
But I'm addicted to multitask, and I love eating while painting.
More then anything, I get hungry. Really hungry. I starve!!!

Quick, feed the artist! New artwork is on demand!
I've been working on these pieces at breakfast.

My favorite one is the angel.

I love the light behind the angel. It's so very magical.
I cannot wait to print some cards!
I also almost completed Georgia's boxes, and they are the cutes little things!!! Very pretty and sparkly...

06 September 2010

Memorabilia Boxes Custom Order

Hello People!
Look look, I'm so excited about how these Memory boxes for Georgia are coming along so beautifully:

I painted them soft pastel yellow and girly pastel pink. So adorable.
I'm still thinking of how I'm going to make the measuring meter for Georgia high record. mmmh... mumble mumble... thinking, thinking...

I was so pleased with Georgia's boxes that I decided to start the Order Boxes's Project, finally!

I've been wanting to make them in ages. The ones I'm currently using are just not big enough.
I'm still not sure if the should be plain, or if I should be painting unicorns on tem... I guess It will just happen the way it supposed to happen right? Anyway, for now I just approched the smalles of the boxes (Gift Tags Box) with a pretty design of a banner across the top like so:

I'm thinking it will propably hold one of my favorite quotes on it. I don't really want to write "gift tags" on it in case I change my mind regarding the use of the box; better to leave things open to future developments...

I have to say, I have been very good with my Morning pages lately, sometimes I even make time for evening pages!

Althought poor little Twisty Dog cannot understand why we have to sit in the field for an hour sitting around doing nothing.

She holds the ball, drops it on my diary, and when I say: "No, it's finished Twist", she twists her head like: "What did you say?! Balls game never finishes!!!"
That's the collie in her...

I like to take my trainers off and walk in the green grass, until the weather allows it.

The other day I went in the opposite field to write and watch the sun going down. It was really beautiful. But it gets quite chilli in the evenings.

I always give Twist a run around the field before we go, and the other day we found all of these angel feathers! So lucky! Now their new home will be inside inside the diary.


31 August 2010

Morning Pages

This morning is misty and fresh.
Inspiration is pouring out as I speak and I almost can't keep up with it.

Perfect mood to update blog! I love this. Realize I need to catch up with all the lastest!
These are the new window flowers for the season. I'm so delighted with them. aren't they gorgeous?

I feel that soon there will be an explosion of color and more and more flowers will blossom.

The most exciting recent event was our 7th Anniversary on the 16th which we have celebrated with gorgous meal (Jason made me my favorite, pizza!) Sweet sparkling wine, cinema (Inception - incredible) cards and presents... Lots of them!

Jason always wrappes them in the most beautiful and expensive wrapping paper and ribbons, which makes the opening presents experience even more amazing! I received the Woodstock Chime, It's so enchanting and magical. I have it right on the window and occasionally the breeze moves it gently and creates the sweetest sound that was ever heard...
I also received The Artist Way by Julia Cameron:

And with a great birth name like mine, it had to be a great book. Right?! (giggles)
And it is, indeed. I'm just at page 12 of The Artist Way and I'm estatic! What a fantastic start.
I have already learned so much about why sometimes as an artist I feel blocked in the creative process. The solution as come right away to my rescue: Morning Pages! Basically a daily morning diary to write down anything on my mind and get it all out before I start my creative day in the studio. Great idea. The rule is, not to read the Morning Pages before 3 months time and always write everything that is bothering me. I'm up for this! Bring it on!
I recently discovered my old green diary on the book shelf and realized that has been ages since I last wrote on it. So I decided to start again, and this time use it as a morning pages keepsake.

Now I'm even more excited to meet Julia Cameron and to get my book signed.
Now, I have more to write but I must get on with some things. Jason's Birthday is in 2 days time and I have lots to plan and prepare for.

Until the next time,
here is a kiss

26 August 2010

Bits of This, Bits of That...

Hello Everybody,
It's the end of the day and I'm putting my feet up to watch BBC's Grumpy Old Men on the telly with a cup of tea and my laptop. I love Grumpy Old Men and Grumpy Old Women! They just say what everyone else really things and does not have the courage to say!!!

Looking back in my blog I realized I had not posted any pictures about the latest Flower show!
So here they are, just a few of them, taken in the 5 minutes of sunshine that we had!!!

That day I took a decision.
I'm never, ever, going to do a show in August ever again (in England). It's just not worth it really. It was basically windy and raining the whole time, and it was a nightmare trying to keep things dry. What a shame. I like having a stall and meet lots of people, but I don't like getting cold in the rain waiting for people to turn up!

I have a couple of days off now and I can't wait! I have so many things I want to catch up with. I had a commission for some keepsake boxes for a little girl named Georgia. I know that I'm going to have fun with this! I have already designed them and Now I'm at the painting stage. Will post some pictures for sure. Then, I' going to decorate our window sill with purple pansies which I got yesterday. I can't wait, is going to look wonderful!
Saturday we are celebrating Jason's birthday and I can't wait to see all my in-laws again. It's a shame we only staying for one day really because the best part is really the sleep over. I like to have chats with my sister in law and we always end up to stay up late and watch some scary movie!!! it's good fun!

Until Tomorrow,

25 August 2010

Custom Works

Just a short note to let you know that I'm now taking Bookings and Commissions for custom paintings and illustrations!!!

You can email your request at info@giuliamauri.com


22 August 2010

Tales from the New Forest

Hello dearest creatures of the forest!
I hope you are all well.
Goodness me, can you belive that is already the end of August?! This year is going so fast indeed!

Nice to be back in the studio and catch up with messages, emails, orders, and more.
It's so nice to get away for a little while, but is always nice to come back to Studio Sweet Studio!

A little bit of a epilogue of the week:
We had a lovely mini-break in the New Forest, to celebrate our 7th Anniversary. And what a delightful village we stumbled upon; Lyndhurst. There are so very adorable retro stores which really takes you back in time.
There was a colorful sweets shop, just like the old days.
I love the jars and bags filled with treats. Unfortunately most of them have gelatin and gluten yuk! so I didn't buy them. But there was a rack filled wih Vegetarian Treats too!!! So we go some of those instead, even if they weren't in pretty jars and stripy paper bags. The cola bottles were particularly sticky... I would not attempt to bite them if I were you...!

And there was a lovely retro gift store with soaps, creams, signs, boxes and all good things, so i took the opportunity to buy some Christmas presents for me and others.

Of course we could not miss the opportunity to eat real on the cone ice-creams an they had flavors like raspberry ripple and toffee crunch! Yum!

We had lovely pic nics in the National Park and soon we found ourselves surrounded by ponies and horses! They are so beautiful and inspiring creatures. I got lots of pretty pictures that I will use as model for my unicorn paintings.

Twist was really good with them and didn't bark at them at all!

After that we went to the beach, and although the weather was cloudy and windy the water was really warm, so Twist had a lot of fun swimming and retrieving the ball in the sea.

Afterwards we visited Exbury Gardens and the Steam Railway. It was the first time for Twist on a Train. She was fine! curled down on the floar and enjoyed the ride.

and surprise surprise...

We even met Judy Dench! She was sitting just in front of us!
What a lovely lady she is. And there was her friend Maggie Smith too! Wow. All of a sudden it felt like we were on a movie...

We end the day in the National Park with chinese take away,
watching the sun going down.

I cannot wait for my next mini break...