01 December 2009

Is Raining Love - Thank You Cards

Hello my darlings! How are you?
I hope the sun is shining for you today. I have a beautiful surprise...
Remember this cutie?

Is Raining Love, watercolor by Giulia Mauri

Well... it's now in the shop as I anticipated a couple of weeks ego!

Yes. Is raining love has taken the shape of this cute Thank you card. Althought I am planning to do also a set of writing sets as well! All matching of course!

I'm totally in love with the back of the card as well:, it's so sweet. I have already given a few away myself to thank my family and friends for the lovely Birthday presents, and they all loved it!

Yesterday I went to town especially to visit the new age store Mystery Mountain which I only recently found out about. It's a lovely place to go, lots of things to see and get inspired...

I bought some love tea by pukka, (delicious!) and this gorgeous scented candle made with organic plant wax, which is now sitting on my table, and smell amazing even if I have not burned it yet!

I bought two totem stones handpainted by native Americans, one for me with the dolphin for guidance and one for Jason with the ram for strength. They are the sweetest little thing, small and perfect to carry around in my packet at all times.

But most importantly, I bought the most amazing crystal in the whole wide world:

It's a giant minaral! Absolutely amazing... and so so sparkly, pretty and powerful!

I washed it with cold water as soon as I got home and put it in front of the fireplace to charge it with energy.

Now is all happy sitting by the window in sun light...
I love it, I love it, I love it!

More letter sets and cards are coming soon into the shop, so please visit often and subscribe to twitter so you won't miss all the shop updates!

Lots of love,

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