13 November 2009

November: Birthday Month!

Hello Sweet Little Pies!
How are you all? These past few weeks I have been so busy that I hardly had time to write. I must updated you will all my lastest news...

So... on November the 9th it was my mummy's birthday! And I sent her a box full of goodies and presents. for her to open on her special day. Since she love writing so much, I made this personalized stationary set for her:

Is a set completed with Letter Sheets and Notecards and envelopes, designed by me and rinted on Recycled white paper, a wrapped up in biodegradable sleeve.

She loved it! Even if I didn't see her, we spoke at the phone and she told me all about her day and the lovely birthday cake, which was an amazing Ricotta Strudel my favorite cake in the whole wide word! (See recipe for Strudel here).

And so a few days later, it was my Birthday, on the 11th of November.
- By the way: a special thank you to Sarah, Matt, Emily, Gloria, Patrizia, Rose and Manuel who sent me lovely Birthday wishes messages! You are the sweetest!!! -
I have been spoiled from family and friends with messages, cards and presents all day long! It was amazing!!! In the morning I open Jason's presents:

Not one, but two beautiful jumpers: A white one and a grey one (I absolutetly adore the white one with pearls on it... it's so soft, cozy, pretty!!!) a pretty leather belt and... Doreen Virtue's newest book, Miracles of Archangel Micheal! Jason also made me a personalized large card with a picture of the baby dolphin we saw together this summer which meaant so much to me!
Nan bought me a lovely denim skirt and a goegeous steinless steal strainer with fine mesh to make my rice milk (how thoughtful - I was looking for one like that for ages and I could not find it!). My friend Jackie bought me a pair of turquoise gloves, a lovely picture of me, and the beautiful Notebook the most romantic movie of ALL time, which by the way, I'm watching again right now for the second time in 4 days!!!

I love Allie and Noah in the movie, they are amazing actors. Noah looks amazing in the second part of the film, when he has a long beard. I love Allie smiles and pretty 40's dresses - she is lovely.

I went to work to find the sweetes surprise: my colleagues got me a cupcake with a birthday candle on it, so I had my first Birthday wishes early in the day! They also gave me some handmade truffles too (They are lovely...I only 6 left in the bag!)

In the evening we drove to Linconshere at my Sister in Law's, and we had lovely birthday celebrations that lasted all week end! When I arrived I found this lovely Mini Panettone with a candle ready for my second wish of the day...

Isn't this just so thoughtful? Panettone was delicious by the way... :)
We watched Step Brothers all together, and it's the funniest movie ever!
(We rented it at the local retal store, and the irony is that later on we saw it at the supermarket for only £3!)
I love Will Ferrel and all of his movies. (Another very cool film to watch when you need a good laughter is Blades of Glory) On Friday Jason's parents also joined us and we had a Birthday party on Saturday with lovely food, cakes and even more presents! How lucky!

This was my amazing Birthday Lunch: Jacket Potato filled with Brie, salad (my favorite food of all) crips, cus cus, potato salad, pasta, homemade bread...
This was my pudding cake: profiterol. The were delicious. My mum used to make profiterol on my birthdays when I was little. So this cake kind of reminded me of my childhood and bringed (?) back memories. I used to eat lots of them, stuff them all in my mouth and them enjoy the soft double filling inside them!!!

But now, can you believe it? The profiterol that you see right at the top, with the candle on it: it didn't have any filling! Now can you believe it? Doesn't it look as if it is the tastier of all of them. Well, now to me, this was a message to treasure.
Never judge a book (or in this case a profiterol) by it's cover!
It's a great message and piece of wisdom donated to me on my Birthday. I hope I shall never forget it.

Angie and Paul bought me a beautiful silver locket with a picture of Jason and I - so 17th century, romantic and simply gorgeous. They included two necklaces, a long one and a short one so I can wear it with any top I want! How sweet of them. I also received some handmade beeswax tealights - which are incredibly difficult to find! But now that I have them, I don't want to burn them! The look so pretty and smell amazing too!)
Vicki and Luke bought me a beautiful wooden sign to put up in my studio that says:

We create our tomorrow by what we dream today

the sign has lovely shades of pink, butterflies and pretty trims all around it, so as you can imagine, is already up in the room and I'm looking at it right now! Vicki knows how much I love fairy tales, dream like and inspiring movies, and she got me the dvd The Little Princess. I watched it last night as I was wrapping up orders for my shop and it was so lovely! The little girl in the film is such an example for all of us. So caring, sweet tempered, and able to keep her dreams alive and most of all believe in magic! I recommend it to all. Even Jason loved it!

Now I shall go and eat some dinner...
But I will catch you u soon, as I have exciting news about my shop and snaps or working in progress to share with you. See you soon,
Lots of love,

Giulia, the Birthday girl xxx

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  1. Happy Birthday Giulia! It sounds like you had a fabulous birthday festival. And you are surrounded by so many people who care about you.
    I loved “The Little Princess”. I cried so much when I watched that film at the cinema.
    “Stepbrothers” is hilarious. I like the scene when they first meet — they just stare at each other from across the yard.


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