30 October 2009

Purple Wonder: Handpainted Tote Bag

Dear sweety pies,
How are you today? Thank you for tuning in to see what's going on with me and The Card Tree!
Thank you also for your kind messages. I've been reading all of them althought I did not have time to reply, they make me smile. I'm so very delighted about the feedback you are leaving for me on Etsy as well, you are all so sweet! Thank you all so very much.
These thoughtful things really make my heart melt with joy.

Well, this has been such a delightful week.. Where to start?
First I should say, it's half term. Jason is off work, and so we get to spend more time together. I love it. We took the opportunity to go a little round and about the other day in the city and coutryside. We went shopping in Kingstone for some birthday presents... That's right! It's that time of the year again! I'm so excited, my Bday is only a few days away! {the 11th on November!}
We are making big plans... pancakes for breakfast to start off the day, then cards and presents to wear during my special Bday. In the night we are driving up to Linconshere to my Sister's in law Vicki for a Birthday Party on Friday Night!!!

Anyway, back to half term... I loved sitting by the river in Kingstone enjoying a delicious homemade sandwiches made in the morning. The colors of the trees are lovely and I love watching the boats passing by.
Then after work on Tuesday we jumped on the car and drove to Vicki's and Luke's house and little puppy & 'nephew' Lyric, who was so happy to see us!
We went for walks in the day time, by the river (yes, another one - we love them). Lyric really loves swimming and we spent some time watching him playing. Dogs are such a joy. We are looking forward to having a dog in the new year.

In the evening we made our very homemade Toffee Apples using fresh picked apples from Vicki's trees! How cool is that!

I know I know... this just isn't fair is it? Don't you worry my dear. I shall post a recipe - tutorial in the next few days, with pictues and everything, so you can all give it a try as well!

We watched a scary movie in the evening aeting these apples, pop corn, and other very un-healthy foods which were delicious. Vicki had carved a Pumking just like last year, and It was so pretty to watch it from the window!
Now we are back to Mickleham and I'm busy working on new products for the holidays. This lovely handbag is one on my favorite design! I made one like this one for my friend Jackie last year and she loves it!

So I decided to share the love and make a few more. You can now find one in the shop!

This bag is handpainted by me on an organic and faitrade cotton bag, that you can use either for your shopping or as an ordinary bag and carry around all your things.
Lots more coming soon, so keep visiting!
Much love, Giulia

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