23 October 2009

Letter To Santa: Writing Set

Hello little Elves,
how are you? I'm great. The weather is amazing today : So autumn like, it was misty in the early morning and sunny and warm during the day.

This morning we woke up with the sound 'flapping wings' of a great tit, that came to eat the seeds we have on our window sill and decided to have a look in the bedroom as well! She was the cutest thing!
I spent some time in the garden checking up on my lettuce unter the magic tunnel! Is growing so tasty, and also looking after herself so very well (I unfortunatly don't have the time to do gardeing latetly so she has to really!)! Good lettuce. I also picked some red, yellow and pink radishes and put them in my salad for lunch... Spicy and tasty!

I'm so HAPPY and EXCITED about my latest illustrations that I was telling you about just last night! Look, this one is so Christmassy!

I made this illustration especially for my winter Letter Sets, that you can find in the *store*

as you can see, it has a lovely christmas display at the top, and lots of pretty red hearts around the border.

I called it Letter to Santa! It was Jason's idea and I think is so cool. Is printed on white recycled paper and comes with red cherry envelopes (also recycled).

I can't honestly stop looking at it. Now I'm just about to design the header for the packaging, which I will post very soon on the blog for you to see.
My to do list is incredibly long, so I must get on with it and leave you.
But please visit often as I'm adding new things in the shop daily!!!
Coming soon: Christmas tote bags...


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