22 October 2009

Is Raining Love

Is midnight right now which makes my thursday post more like a friday post one doesn't?
Well, happy happy Friday everyone! Today, or I should say yesterday, I've been working on new exciting illustration projects.
'excellent' would say wayne...

I was very pleased about this little fellow, such a cute Owl - Postman,

isn't he cute?
he is out side in the rain; but hey, this isn't ordinary rain, rather some love rain!
oh I love it. I look forward to use this illustration on cards writing sets and notepads to add to my shop!

Yesterday I was happily at home all day, which really doesn't happen very often since I work in several places at the moment and this keeps me away from doing the things i like the most such as: lazing in bed, watching Pride & Prejudice, writing letters, making cute illustrations, and blogging.
I have more illustrations to show you but i'm so tired that my eyes are aching. I shall write more in the next couple of days and update you will all my lastest productions.
Lots of love
have a good one!

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