20 October 2009

Birthday Cards + Writing Sets

Hello dearest readers!
Thank you so much for tuning in today and also thank you for all of you who wrote to me about my new illustrations! You are the dearest blog readers in the world!

I'm so excited today as I'm about to announce...
updated in the Stationary Cupboard of The Card Tree!
My darlings these are my new Birthday Cards!

Aren't they sweet?
I currently sell these individually but you can also request a set of 5 or more by writing to me at info@giuliamauri.com. I can create and reserve a custom listing just for you.

I'm currently working on more illustratons of this kind and new products to add to the shop in the near future like notepads, diaries and calendars. I find myself thinking about the future of The Card Tree and of me as an illustrator more often than I can say!

Painting and Illustrating makes me happy, but seeing my illustrations on cards and letter sets makes me flying high! I find it so cool that illustrations can be used for so much more then just prints, and can be applied on things you can use on a day to day basis, and can make you smile everytime you look at them.

The other day I printed and wrapped up these new writing sets for the shop:

They feature girly banners on the top and hearts all over the edge of the letter sheets!

I have already received good feedback about these and I'm so happy!

So many good ideas come to mind while I'm doing other things like shopping, walking, reading* So I recently started carry with me a little sparkly pocket diary will all my lists/ ideas/things to do/sketches and stuff like that, to be able to scribble all the things I have in mind before they disappear. If you are a creative person like me you would probably find it useful too! Unbelievable how many good ideas would be otherwise lost forever.

(*'m currently reading: fairy books, angels books, life coaching + motivating books)

I like to go through the notepad in the evenings and think about such and such an idea and work out how to make it work for me and the shop.

I had a delightful begenning of the week so far, I wasn't working yeasterday and today, so I took my time walking down town on my way to the Volunteering at the British Red Cross (about 6 miles). And I took my time doing grocieris shopping after volunteering. I don't like to rush shopping... i really need to get ispired by the seasonal foods in store and get inspired for what t cook for dinner.

While I was waiting for my bus I also met my friend Jackie and arranged to meet up for a cup of tea on Friday morning. I look forward going and seeing her and Poppy again!
Today the sun is shining but it's very cold outside... I'm staing in with a big mug of hot chocolate watching the trees and the colorful lanscape outside my window...

x love x

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  1. SOUNDS LOVELY! have lovely time at your friends, take care, Sarah


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