31 October 2009

30 October 2009

Purple Wonder: Handpainted Tote Bag

Dear sweety pies,
How are you today? Thank you for tuning in to see what's going on with me and The Card Tree!
Thank you also for your kind messages. I've been reading all of them althought I did not have time to reply, they make me smile. I'm so very delighted about the feedback you are leaving for me on Etsy as well, you are all so sweet! Thank you all so very much.
These thoughtful things really make my heart melt with joy.

Well, this has been such a delightful week.. Where to start?
First I should say, it's half term. Jason is off work, and so we get to spend more time together. I love it. We took the opportunity to go a little round and about the other day in the city and coutryside. We went shopping in Kingstone for some birthday presents... That's right! It's that time of the year again! I'm so excited, my Bday is only a few days away! {the 11th on November!}
We are making big plans... pancakes for breakfast to start off the day, then cards and presents to wear during my special Bday. In the night we are driving up to Linconshere to my Sister's in law Vicki for a Birthday Party on Friday Night!!!

Anyway, back to half term... I loved sitting by the river in Kingstone enjoying a delicious homemade sandwiches made in the morning. The colors of the trees are lovely and I love watching the boats passing by.
Then after work on Tuesday we jumped on the car and drove to Vicki's and Luke's house and little puppy & 'nephew' Lyric, who was so happy to see us!
We went for walks in the day time, by the river (yes, another one - we love them). Lyric really loves swimming and we spent some time watching him playing. Dogs are such a joy. We are looking forward to having a dog in the new year.

In the evening we made our very homemade Toffee Apples using fresh picked apples from Vicki's trees! How cool is that!

I know I know... this just isn't fair is it? Don't you worry my dear. I shall post a recipe - tutorial in the next few days, with pictues and everything, so you can all give it a try as well!

We watched a scary movie in the evening aeting these apples, pop corn, and other very un-healthy foods which were delicious. Vicki had carved a Pumking just like last year, and It was so pretty to watch it from the window!
Now we are back to Mickleham and I'm busy working on new products for the holidays. This lovely handbag is one on my favorite design! I made one like this one for my friend Jackie last year and she loves it!

So I decided to share the love and make a few more. You can now find one in the shop!

This bag is handpainted by me on an organic and faitrade cotton bag, that you can use either for your shopping or as an ordinary bag and carry around all your things.
Lots more coming soon, so keep visiting!
Much love, Giulia

25 October 2009

Thinking of You: Notecards

Hello my lovelies,
Thank you for visiting today!

Just a short note today to let you know that I have new 'Thinking of You' cards in store!
Pretty pretty!
Imagine the joy of your friends and family when they receive there cute handmade and green cards! You can find them *here*

Have a lovely day
see you soon with more craft news,

24 October 2009

Candy Cane: Tote Bag

Hello my dears,
thank you for tuning in today!

This is one of the new Tote Bags I made for the Winter/ Christmas season.
It's so jolly isn't ?

Is handpainted on a beautiful organic cotton and fairtrade bag, and it features a traditional red and white Candy Cane. Perfect for grocery shopping this season: you can fold it and keep it in your purse/handbag/pocket and take it out when ever you need it! So... saw goodbye to horrible plastic bags, this bag is totally natural, eco friendly and reusable!

Would be a great Christmas gift for a friend or a relative.
Comes with washing directions, shop cards and leaflets, free gift wrapping is also available.
I hope you love it!

Is already in the shop, find it *here*!

23 October 2009

Letter To Santa: Writing Set

Hello little Elves,
how are you? I'm great. The weather is amazing today : So autumn like, it was misty in the early morning and sunny and warm during the day.

This morning we woke up with the sound 'flapping wings' of a great tit, that came to eat the seeds we have on our window sill and decided to have a look in the bedroom as well! She was the cutest thing!
I spent some time in the garden checking up on my lettuce unter the magic tunnel! Is growing so tasty, and also looking after herself so very well (I unfortunatly don't have the time to do gardeing latetly so she has to really!)! Good lettuce. I also picked some red, yellow and pink radishes and put them in my salad for lunch... Spicy and tasty!

I'm so HAPPY and EXCITED about my latest illustrations that I was telling you about just last night! Look, this one is so Christmassy!

I made this illustration especially for my winter Letter Sets, that you can find in the *store*

as you can see, it has a lovely christmas display at the top, and lots of pretty red hearts around the border.

I called it Letter to Santa! It was Jason's idea and I think is so cool. Is printed on white recycled paper and comes with red cherry envelopes (also recycled).

I can't honestly stop looking at it. Now I'm just about to design the header for the packaging, which I will post very soon on the blog for you to see.
My to do list is incredibly long, so I must get on with it and leave you.
But please visit often as I'm adding new things in the shop daily!!!
Coming soon: Christmas tote bags...


22 October 2009

Is Raining Love

Is midnight right now which makes my thursday post more like a friday post one doesn't?
Well, happy happy Friday everyone! Today, or I should say yesterday, I've been working on new exciting illustration projects.
'excellent' would say wayne...

I was very pleased about this little fellow, such a cute Owl - Postman,

isn't he cute?
he is out side in the rain; but hey, this isn't ordinary rain, rather some love rain!
oh I love it. I look forward to use this illustration on cards writing sets and notepads to add to my shop!

Yesterday I was happily at home all day, which really doesn't happen very often since I work in several places at the moment and this keeps me away from doing the things i like the most such as: lazing in bed, watching Pride & Prejudice, writing letters, making cute illustrations, and blogging.
I have more illustrations to show you but i'm so tired that my eyes are aching. I shall write more in the next couple of days and update you will all my lastest productions.
Lots of love
have a good one!

21 October 2009

Someone wants to say hello...

Hello Sweetie Pies,
So pleased to announce that I'm going to be making Banners, lots of them!
I love paper banners, they are perfect decoratiations for parties and even every day life.
I made this one the other day, and is now in the shop!

Is made with brown recycled paper and natural twine, handpainted with black durable ink (must kept away from water!) so cuuute! Looks lovely in the house because is just so simple and natural.

- that's it for today -
Lots coming up soon - fondly, giulia

20 October 2009

Birthday Cards + Writing Sets

Hello dearest readers!
Thank you so much for tuning in today and also thank you for all of you who wrote to me about my new illustrations! You are the dearest blog readers in the world!

I'm so excited today as I'm about to announce...
updated in the Stationary Cupboard of The Card Tree!
My darlings these are my new Birthday Cards!

Aren't they sweet?
I currently sell these individually but you can also request a set of 5 or more by writing to me at info@giuliamauri.com. I can create and reserve a custom listing just for you.

I'm currently working on more illustratons of this kind and new products to add to the shop in the near future like notepads, diaries and calendars. I find myself thinking about the future of The Card Tree and of me as an illustrator more often than I can say!

Painting and Illustrating makes me happy, but seeing my illustrations on cards and letter sets makes me flying high! I find it so cool that illustrations can be used for so much more then just prints, and can be applied on things you can use on a day to day basis, and can make you smile everytime you look at them.

The other day I printed and wrapped up these new writing sets for the shop:

They feature girly banners on the top and hearts all over the edge of the letter sheets!

I have already received good feedback about these and I'm so happy!

So many good ideas come to mind while I'm doing other things like shopping, walking, reading* So I recently started carry with me a little sparkly pocket diary will all my lists/ ideas/things to do/sketches and stuff like that, to be able to scribble all the things I have in mind before they disappear. If you are a creative person like me you would probably find it useful too! Unbelievable how many good ideas would be otherwise lost forever.

(*'m currently reading: fairy books, angels books, life coaching + motivating books)

I like to go through the notepad in the evenings and think about such and such an idea and work out how to make it work for me and the shop.

I had a delightful begenning of the week so far, I wasn't working yeasterday and today, so I took my time walking down town on my way to the Volunteering at the British Red Cross (about 6 miles). And I took my time doing grocieris shopping after volunteering. I don't like to rush shopping... i really need to get ispired by the seasonal foods in store and get inspired for what t cook for dinner.

While I was waiting for my bus I also met my friend Jackie and arranged to meet up for a cup of tea on Friday morning. I look forward going and seeing her and Poppy again!
Today the sun is shining but it's very cold outside... I'm staing in with a big mug of hot chocolate watching the trees and the colorful lanscape outside my window...

x love x

15 October 2009

Hello People!
Thank you so much for tuning it again...
I'm happy to have you here as I want to share this NEW letter set that I made for the winter collection:

It features an original illustration painted by me and is printed on high quality recycled paper, embedded with silver speck, so shiny and sparkly!
Real wow effect, perfect for your special Winter Mailing...

You can find it right here!
have a lovely evening,

14 October 2009

Love for Mail

What a joy.
I received this gorgeous long letter from my dear friend Rebecka today.

Long letter reminds me so much of Pride & Prejudice, and the letters that Elizabeth and Jane used to write to each others... full of thoughts, wonders, facts, life...

Have a lovely day...

13 October 2009

Little Fairy Bear Illustration

Hello 'Dearests',
How are you? Are you having the best autumn ever?! Aren't these colors just amazing?
We have had lovely sunny days in the last two weeks, which allows me to go out for many walks and to enjoy the colors of the trees and the landscape. I'm so lucky to live in such a beautiful area surrounded by woods and hills.

I've been painting lots lately, especially cute illustrations, that are all going to be part of my autumn /winter collection at The Card Tree.
I'm so very excited about this. as this is a project that I've been thinking about for a long time. So, let me present you the first illustration of the collection, this cute little fairy bear!!!

He is my favorite bear in the whole wide world!
He'got wings to fly, and an incredible talentet to make friends, he loves to have fun, and to make cards for his friends!

Super sweet uh?
Well, I'm happy to say that this illustration is already in the shop!

As a pretty pretty and eco friendy writing set, printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. It's the perfect little gift for a special friend, daughter, mom, sis, niece, autie... but if I were you I would just use it for my personal stationary!

Have a lovely day,
much love and kisses

x Giulia x

10 October 2009

Business Cards

Hello everybody!
Are you in need of lovely, eco friendly, unique & affordable business cards for you and your store?
Well, if you are, check out my collection of Custom designed Business Cards in my shop:

I'm so very proud of this new product in store!
These cards are designed by me and printed on high quality 100% Recycled Card, paper that has natural specks of grass, and pretty wraped up in packets of 10 with red and white bakers twine.

If you are interested in these you can request your own custom made Business cards right here!
Have a lovely week end


01 October 2009

Featured at Before The Big Day. com

Hello everybody,
Just a short note today to share this happy news:
my 'Message in a Bottle' were featured today by Georgia in her lovely blog Before The Big Day

Thank you so much!

I have also added NEW Custom Wedding Message in a Bottle listings in the shop!
In these 5cm glass bottles I can fit a message up to 100 characters,
which is handwritten with silver and black durable in, using an old fashion quilt,

Is absolutely adorable...
x lots of love x