16 September 2009

Featured on Cuteable.com

Hello everybody! I hope you had the most gorgeous day.
Today I was working in the farm shop all day and at one point a group of 25 little school children came in the shop to buy ice creams! They were so so sweet... with their little tiny hands and little tiny lollipop ice cream and little tiny wallets... it just broght me back of when I was one of them!
I still remember when I discovered that I was going to grow up and become an adult.
It must have been shortly after I saw Peter Pan. I love Peter Pan! Anyway. I remember running up the stairs crying about it, and hiding behind the bedroom door ... mum ran upstairs after me to see why I was crying, and i said to her, that i didn't want to grow up…
so sweet!

Well, all I really wanted to say is that today my set of Recycled Paper Sweets Notecards have been featured in Cuteable.com what a delight! Please go to visit this wonderful web site and give it some love with a few sweets comments!

Much love x Giulia

ps: i haven't forgotten about taking a picture of the eldeberries muffins that I made yesterday... they have all ran out before I could even take one!

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