29 September 2009

Woodland Mushroom Notecards

Hello Hello
dearest cute things lovers:
I have a surprise for you!

I waited to post these in the shop until I finish to paint a few sets and now, I'm happy to say, they are up in the store ready to find a new home!

Aren't they just SO sute?!
Honestly. I could not resist them... I already made a personalised set for myself to fullfill my 'stationary needs' and I can't wait to send them to my friends!!!
Everyone loves handpainted cards. You can use them as bookmarks, you can frame them, and you always keep them! Not like those cards in the shop, which hundreds of thousands the same are made and sold every day (so un-personal uh?!)

This is an assorted Set f 6 cards, 2 of each for every occasion! You will ave a 2 'Just to say', 2 'Hello' and 2 'Thank you so much'.

Both cards and envelopes are handpainted and made with 100% gorgeous high quality recycled paper, good for the environment and good for you.

The set is wrapped up in pretty pretty peppermint twine and in a clever biodagradable cellophane bag that you can reuse again and then watch disappear in your compost, eaten by tiny tiny creatures!

tonight i'm feeling jazzy and I'm listening to Eric Clapton Unplugged singing out loud.
I found it so amusing! you can just feel the fun that they had while they were performing it! I love it!

I'm not sure if I have mentioned that I started to drive again recently. Jason my gorgeous boyfriend is allowing me to use his amazing vw golf! So sweet and so extremly kind of him! He putted me on the insurance, prnted off a huge P and stick it on the back of the car, and even set with me while driving for 2 weeks in a row! He is an angel.

Anyway, I really I love his car, (although I have to say, my dream is still having a porche) I was so afraid to break it! But now I feel a lot more confident and I really enjoy driving it. When I drive it, a play a silly game called 'save as much petrol as you can'. What do you have to do to play this game? Very simple. Never reach the number 30 of the revs, and have high gears at all times. Low gears use a lot of petrol. The other thing of this game is try to not use the break very much, and rather slow down using the gears. What's the point going fast if in front of you the traffic lights are red? So, I take my time and by the time I'm arrived at the traffic lights, I'm still in 4th gear, going at 30 miles x hour, but now the lights are green...!

When you play this game you also feel a lot less stressed out, because you don't have to stop the car as much as you would do normally! Try it, tell me what you think about this silly game!

Tell me also, what music do you listen while you drive? I'm looking to make a great compilations of songs for my journeys to and back to work. At the moment I have Jack Johnson's On and On - I LOOOVE :Traffic in the sky & Holes to Heaven.

Looking for advice on music - i'm looking for relaxing chilled out stuff!

Lots of Love

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