29 September 2009

Woodland Mushroom Notecards

Hello Hello
dearest cute things lovers:
I have a surprise for you!

I waited to post these in the shop until I finish to paint a few sets and now, I'm happy to say, they are up in the store ready to find a new home!

Aren't they just SO sute?!
Honestly. I could not resist them... I already made a personalised set for myself to fullfill my 'stationary needs' and I can't wait to send them to my friends!!!
Everyone loves handpainted cards. You can use them as bookmarks, you can frame them, and you always keep them! Not like those cards in the shop, which hundreds of thousands the same are made and sold every day (so un-personal uh?!)

This is an assorted Set f 6 cards, 2 of each for every occasion! You will ave a 2 'Just to say', 2 'Hello' and 2 'Thank you so much'.

Both cards and envelopes are handpainted and made with 100% gorgeous high quality recycled paper, good for the environment and good for you.

The set is wrapped up in pretty pretty peppermint twine and in a clever biodagradable cellophane bag that you can reuse again and then watch disappear in your compost, eaten by tiny tiny creatures!

tonight i'm feeling jazzy and I'm listening to Eric Clapton Unplugged singing out loud.
I found it so amusing! you can just feel the fun that they had while they were performing it! I love it!

I'm not sure if I have mentioned that I started to drive again recently. Jason my gorgeous boyfriend is allowing me to use his amazing vw golf! So sweet and so extremly kind of him! He putted me on the insurance, prnted off a huge P and stick it on the back of the car, and even set with me while driving for 2 weeks in a row! He is an angel.

Anyway, I really I love his car, (although I have to say, my dream is still having a porche) I was so afraid to break it! But now I feel a lot more confident and I really enjoy driving it. When I drive it, a play a silly game called 'save as much petrol as you can'. What do you have to do to play this game? Very simple. Never reach the number 30 of the revs, and have high gears at all times. Low gears use a lot of petrol. The other thing of this game is try to not use the break very much, and rather slow down using the gears. What's the point going fast if in front of you the traffic lights are red? So, I take my time and by the time I'm arrived at the traffic lights, I'm still in 4th gear, going at 30 miles x hour, but now the lights are green...!

When you play this game you also feel a lot less stressed out, because you don't have to stop the car as much as you would do normally! Try it, tell me what you think about this silly game!

Tell me also, what music do you listen while you drive? I'm looking to make a great compilations of songs for my journeys to and back to work. At the moment I have Jack Johnson's On and On - I LOOOVE :Traffic in the sky & Holes to Heaven.

Looking for advice on music - i'm looking for relaxing chilled out stuff!

Lots of Love

22 September 2009

Love for Mail

A few days back I received a parcel from my mama in Italy.
Inside all soarts of lovely gifts.

Letters, recipes, cards, heart shaped biscuits, france soap, holiday gifts from portugal...

My mum also sent me a gift from my Grandma, a lovely cloth with sunflowers, and another handmade cloth made by my autie Giorgia!

Please send some more mama!


16 September 2009

Featured on Cuteable.com

Hello everybody! I hope you had the most gorgeous day.
Today I was working in the farm shop all day and at one point a group of 25 little school children came in the shop to buy ice creams! They were so so sweet... with their little tiny hands and little tiny lollipop ice cream and little tiny wallets... it just broght me back of when I was one of them!
I still remember when I discovered that I was going to grow up and become an adult.
It must have been shortly after I saw Peter Pan. I love Peter Pan! Anyway. I remember running up the stairs crying about it, and hiding behind the bedroom door ... mum ran upstairs after me to see why I was crying, and i said to her, that i didn't want to grow up…
so sweet!

Well, all I really wanted to say is that today my set of Recycled Paper Sweets Notecards have been featured in Cuteable.com what a delight! Please go to visit this wonderful web site and give it some love with a few sweets comments!

Much love x Giulia

ps: i haven't forgotten about taking a picture of the eldeberries muffins that I made yesterday... they have all ran out before I could even take one!

15 September 2009

New in Store: Wee Woodland Letter Set

Hello gorgeous creatures of the woodlands!
Just a wee little note today to let you know that the Wee Woodland Letter Set is now in store!
You can find it *here*

Also, that I discovered that eldeberries are great to prevents colds! There are hundreds of them in the woodlands, how kind is nature to provide use with natural 'medicine foods' when we most need them, uh?! Today I made some delicious Elderberries Muffins are the were awasome! I shall post a pic tomorrow...

Lots of Love!

14 September 2009

White & Red: Wee Projects

Good Morning gorgeous people!
Thank you for tuning in! How are you?! I hope all well and happy! Isn't exciting that autumn is coming? I'm loving every minute of this wonderful September month.
Today I went for a walk in th Mickleham Downs and I was amused to watch a little squirrol eating hundreds of hazel nuts stading on top of a branch... he was so sweet! It looked like this sweet creature was trying to get fat for the winter!

: : Confession : : And so I'm I...

Keep keep making tasty cakes with seasonal apples, althought I have to say, I'm incredibly careful in the amount of sugar I use and I am reducing the amount of sugar up to about half the recommended dosege, and the good part is that they still taste amazing!
This is one of my favorite cakes of all time, Strudel that my mum used to make every autumn for us (my bro and I) to take to school every morning as Merenda (school 10:30am break) Delicious!!!

Strudel is very quick and easy, try it please! You will love it and your kids will love it too!
  • 250gr puff pastry
  • 30 gr butter & 50gr bread crumbs
  • sultanas (let to rest in hot water 20 min before cooking)
  • 4 apples
  • cinnamon
  • 50 gr organic sugar
  • pinenuts, flaked almonds

Melt the butter in a pan add the bread crubs and let to tost for a few minutes. Flat the pastry, very very thin, add all the ingredients on the top, bread crubs first then all the others, fold gently as a roll, close the edges. In he goes in the oven for about 30 min at 200°... delicious served warm with vanilla ice cream!!! That's it! Easy pisy. Such a treat...

Question: So, what's going on at The Card Tree, Giulia? Answer: So much!!!
There are new red & white cuties coming out of the studio onto the shop everyday!

I've decided to list them here and in the store as I go along, and I'm not entirely sure of when all of this red and white madness will end, because I'm having so much fun with it!

I hae to keep you posted. Some of these handpainted writing sets, postcards, cards and sculptures will be in the shop tommorrow!

Have a lovely day,
x Giulia x

10 September 2009

Wee Wee Mushrooms...

Hello everybody! How are you?
Wasn't today the most gorgeous day?!
Sunny, warm and inspiring. I spent the whole day in the garden, reading at times, listening to Doreen Virtue's Podcats at other times, and yes adventually I did do some gardening as well ;)

I sow some nice organic lettuce and some yellow and pink radishes to make some colorful autumn salads. The garden is a great place to get inspiration!

Today I completed a series of Wee Mushroom Stationary Sets and I'm so so pleased with them.
They are truly unique. Each letter sheet and envelope has been individually painted with wee little mushrooms from the faerie woodlands to create the perfect girls letter set.

The sets contains 5 White and Red letter sheets and 5 Red Cherry envelopes each, both made with 100% high quality post recycled paper. The paper it's smooth and easy to write on; letter sheets are embedded with red shredded postage stamps that makes the set even more unique!!! (*so excited about this*! *I adore stamps*! That's why I'm so disappointed that at the post office they print labels rather then stick stamps like in the old days...)

The set is packaged up with red and white bakers twine and cellophane sleeve to protect it.

What else to say? Oh yes, I'm reading a great book at the moment, Everyday Abundance by Karen Hood. Is a lovely book, so tiny tiny that fits in your purse/bag and you can read it whenever. I was surprised to find so many references to other great authors and books, I love that the writer shares with the reader the personal path that took her where she is now, expressing her thoughts about other popular "manifestation techniques" like affirmations/the secret and so on... read it. You will love it!

x thank you for visiting once again x

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´✻ Kisses Giulia

04 September 2009

Now in store! Paper Marché Decorations

Hello my dears
thank you for tuning in!

The Paper Marché decorations that I was telling you about are all set, ready and steady to find a new home sweet home!

Is a set of 6 hand-painted egg decorations, that you can use to decorate your home all year around and your Christmas and Easter trees.

These are very durable and eco friendly decorations, made with recycled paper and are hand-painted with acrlic colors. They have a protective water based varnish and a touch of fairy dust on them that makes them shine and sparkle...

So very sweet!
The decoration set is packaged up with an a hand-painted colorful pink and yellow reusable tray

and a cellophane sleeve, made with corn starch, that you can easily biodegrade it your little backyard compost! ♥ This is the perfect present for a girlfriend, daughter or mom!

Free gift wrap is also available! Just let me know if you do need them gift wrapped in "note to the seller" at checkout. You can find them right here.

Lots of love and
angelic blessings,