20 August 2009

Paper Marche Box - Seek You Shall Find

Good morning sweety pies!
I hope you are having a gorgeous week.
Today I feature one my Paper Marché super sweet jewelry box, handpainted with acrylic colors and decorated with a Message in the Bottle motiv.

On the top it features the words from the bible "Seek you shall find" (Matthew 7.7), and a message in a bottle surrounded by fairy dust. It also has pretty polka dots all around the box. Inside, the box is pink,the color of love and the heart charka, and at the bottom there is the writing "He who seeks finds". So very nice and inspiring!

This cute treasury box can be used to treasure a ring, pendant or a necklace, and it would be lovely as gift box. Is made with 100% recycled card, handpainted with acrylic colors and has a protective veil of glossy water-based varnish, totally eco friendy and safe around children.

The box is collectable and signed at the back!
You can find it in the *store*

handmade kisses

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