27 August 2009

Juicy Berries

Hello my darlings!
How are you? sweeties, I missed you! Did you missed me? I hope so! I didn post a few things while I was away and skeduled a few blog posts, but I know that is not the same as real time real life posting! Well, now as you can see, I'm totally back from my long summer holiday. Italy first, then Wales, then Devon! I'm a very lucky girl. Hey, everone deserves a break right? I definatly do. I needed some vitamin D! And I have to say I'm pretty tanned this year.

As I was saying, I'm definatly totally back now... oh my gosh... there is so much to tell and to do!
Is actually really nice to be home after the holidays, everything looks very different but in a good way!
My alotment for example... gosh: those cabbages have grown! And the betchroot, are massive! It's great, really great. I even picked blackberries yesterday!
juicy and sweet... just perfectly ripe. I'm enjoying them as I pick them but I'm also placing some in the frezer for those cloudy days when you just need a little bit of summer in your winter puddings or smoothies.

You know, even my indoors plants have survied well this year! Last year I left my plants to a friend who forgot to water them and they died! So this year I have taken my chances. I placed my Poinsettia by the window but just partially in direct sun light and I watered it lots before I left.

Well, I was very pleased to see that many new green leaves are appered and she just looks quite happy by the window!
Hopefully all these fresh green leaves will turn to red around Christmas time! :)

My ferns are grown so much. I really like moss and ferns, and a couple of months ago I found the perfect indoor fern.

Hase small gentle leaves and delicate long "branches".
Fairies must have watered it while I was away, because it looks just fine!

She likes to be spraid with water often, and she loves to have stones in her tray with water on them to create a heathy moist environment.

The first thing I did when I came home was infact to look and water my lovely plants, but the second one my dears, it was to check my emails and open the etsy shop!

Shop is now up and running again, orders are shipped within 24 hours as usual and I'm open to custom orders once again.

There are loads of new things coming up in the following weeks, so keep your eyes open for new interesting items, free tutorials and green articles! In the mean time enjoy the berries and the bank holiday week end!

Very much love,

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