08 August 2009

Dolphin Encounter!

Hello my Dears!
How are you? I'm very well. Thank you for visiting!
Right now, we are Pembrokshire, the South West county of Wales.

There is plenty to do in this area. Wildlife is amazing, and lanscape take the breath away.
Yesterday we went on a tour Grassholm Island.
Guess what.
We saw Dolphins! What an amazing experience. I love Dolphins, they truly are angels of the sea.
They were in really large groups, with cute baby dolphins too, like this little one:

I tell you, it was the most amazing spectacle I ever seen.
I snapped a few very confused videos (i kept moving the camera and talkking), which I would love to post on the blog when I have the opportunity.
I do have to edit then first, and remove the sound (as in background there is nothing but my voice going "oh so sweet! dear sweetie pies!")

Meanwhile I'm on holiday I'm still checking my email (thank you so much for you e-letters) and I received the wonderful news that I will be soon be featured in a lovely eco friendly blog. I shall post the link as soon as I know more about the feature.

Sending you lots of angel blessing and love
a very happy Sunday to you.


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