04 August 2009

Do It Yoursef Tutorial: Natural Toothpaste

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Today I share with you a very exciting and Eco Friendly Tutorial:

How to make your own Natural Toothpaste.

I. Why? As I mentioned in the 5th issue of the Green Column, conventional toothpastes containing Sodium Laurate Solphate, Triclosan and other chemicals can harm our heath, irritating the skin, causing ulcers also even decrease fertility and the immune suppression. On the labels of these toothpastes you can read directions that recommend not to swallow the toothpaste, and to use very small doses of paste for children under 6 years old.
So, why should something we use in our mouth harm our health? Doesen't this sound ridiculous? We are doing so well to be more healthy like eating organic foods and avoid using harmful cleaning products in our homes and then we use chemical products in our mouth!

II. This recipe it's so easy and fun. Since I use my homemade organic toothpaste my teeth look whiter (due the Bicarbonate of Soda) and the breath feels naturally fresh rather then the usual chemical taste of mint of the normal toothpastes (due the Natural Peppermint Oil). If you like you can also choose a different favour for your toothpaste, for example Orange using a few drops of Essential Oil, be creative!

All you need is:

3 spoons of Bicarbonate of Soda
3 spoons of Glycerine
1 teaspoon of salt
15 drops or Peppermint Oil
A drop or water

How to do it in one simple step:

*Mix well all the ingredients!*


Happy toothpaste making!



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