31 August 2009

Paper Marché Decorations

Coming Soon at
The Card Tree

Hello dearling pumcakes! I do hope you are well, and that you missed me!
I'm so xcited. I have some new colorful Paper Marché sweeties to show you...!

I've been dying to post these for a couple of days now.
So, let me illustrate what I made. These are sets of 6 paper marché decorations, made with recycled paper and painted with acrylic colors and glittering glitter!

Decorations are heart shaped and egg shaped, and they are perfect to hang around the house to color a room a bring a happy atmosphere, and you can also use them on your christmas and easter tree like i do!

The sets come in a colorful tray and *pretty* wrapped up as I always do for you sweety pies!
A set of hearts is already in the shop, for the others you will have to wait unitil tomorrow!
lots of love to you all, see you very soon,


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