31 August 2009

Paper Marché Decorations

Coming Soon at
The Card Tree

Hello dearling pumcakes! I do hope you are well, and that you missed me!
I'm so xcited. I have some new colorful Paper Marché sweeties to show you...!

I've been dying to post these for a couple of days now.
So, let me illustrate what I made. These are sets of 6 paper marché decorations, made with recycled paper and painted with acrylic colors and glittering glitter!

Decorations are heart shaped and egg shaped, and they are perfect to hang around the house to color a room a bring a happy atmosphere, and you can also use them on your christmas and easter tree like i do!

The sets come in a colorful tray and *pretty* wrapped up as I always do for you sweety pies!
A set of hearts is already in the shop, for the others you will have to wait unitil tomorrow!
lots of love to you all, see you very soon,


28 August 2009

50th Sale...

Today the miniature Message in a Bottle in a Paper Marché Keepsake box, was sold!

It's so very sweet isn't?
I'm so glad that it has found a new home. In a few hours it will be flying to America!

Safe journey dearest thing!

x Giulia x

27 August 2009

Juicy Berries

Hello my darlings!
How are you? sweeties, I missed you! Did you missed me? I hope so! I didn post a few things while I was away and skeduled a few blog posts, but I know that is not the same as real time real life posting! Well, now as you can see, I'm totally back from my long summer holiday. Italy first, then Wales, then Devon! I'm a very lucky girl. Hey, everone deserves a break right? I definatly do. I needed some vitamin D! And I have to say I'm pretty tanned this year.

As I was saying, I'm definatly totally back now... oh my gosh... there is so much to tell and to do!
Is actually really nice to be home after the holidays, everything looks very different but in a good way!
My alotment for example... gosh: those cabbages have grown! And the betchroot, are massive! It's great, really great. I even picked blackberries yesterday!
juicy and sweet... just perfectly ripe. I'm enjoying them as I pick them but I'm also placing some in the frezer for those cloudy days when you just need a little bit of summer in your winter puddings or smoothies.

You know, even my indoors plants have survied well this year! Last year I left my plants to a friend who forgot to water them and they died! So this year I have taken my chances. I placed my Poinsettia by the window but just partially in direct sun light and I watered it lots before I left.

Well, I was very pleased to see that many new green leaves are appered and she just looks quite happy by the window!
Hopefully all these fresh green leaves will turn to red around Christmas time! :)

My ferns are grown so much. I really like moss and ferns, and a couple of months ago I found the perfect indoor fern.

Hase small gentle leaves and delicate long "branches".
Fairies must have watered it while I was away, because it looks just fine!

She likes to be spraid with water often, and she loves to have stones in her tray with water on them to create a heathy moist environment.

The first thing I did when I came home was infact to look and water my lovely plants, but the second one my dears, it was to check my emails and open the etsy shop!

Shop is now up and running again, orders are shipped within 24 hours as usual and I'm open to custom orders once again.

There are loads of new things coming up in the following weeks, so keep your eyes open for new interesting items, free tutorials and green articles! In the mean time enjoy the berries and the bank holiday week end!

Very much love,

20 August 2009

Paper Marche Box - Seek You Shall Find

Good morning sweety pies!
I hope you are having a gorgeous week.
Today I feature one my Paper Marché super sweet jewelry box, handpainted with acrylic colors and decorated with a Message in the Bottle motiv.

On the top it features the words from the bible "Seek you shall find" (Matthew 7.7), and a message in a bottle surrounded by fairy dust. It also has pretty polka dots all around the box. Inside, the box is pink,the color of love and the heart charka, and at the bottom there is the writing "He who seeks finds". So very nice and inspiring!

This cute treasury box can be used to treasure a ring, pendant or a necklace, and it would be lovely as gift box. Is made with 100% recycled card, handpainted with acrylic colors and has a protective veil of glossy water-based varnish, totally eco friendy and safe around children.

The box is collectable and signed at the back!
You can find it in the *store*

handmade kisses

14 August 2009


Hello my Dears!

Today I'm being featured in Ecokaren web site!
Thank you so much Karen!

Lots of love,


11 August 2009

Eco Friendly Petal Notepad

Hello my Dears!

This is one of my latest little projects which I absolutely adore.
It's a little recycled paper notepad, to take note of all your great ideas: you can keep it at your desk, in the car, by the phone or in your handbag.

Is made with 100% Post Recycled smooth quality paper.

The cover of the notebook is made with soft recycled cotton paper and contains purple petals
and natural specks of grass. You can close the notepad using a pretty purple ribbon!
Perfect! You can find it in the *store*...


08 August 2009

Dolphin Encounter!

Hello my Dears!
How are you? I'm very well. Thank you for visiting!
Right now, we are Pembrokshire, the South West county of Wales.

There is plenty to do in this area. Wildlife is amazing, and lanscape take the breath away.
Yesterday we went on a tour Grassholm Island.
Guess what.
We saw Dolphins! What an amazing experience. I love Dolphins, they truly are angels of the sea.
They were in really large groups, with cute baby dolphins too, like this little one:

I tell you, it was the most amazing spectacle I ever seen.
I snapped a few very confused videos (i kept moving the camera and talkking), which I would love to post on the blog when I have the opportunity.
I do have to edit then first, and remove the sound (as in background there is nothing but my voice going "oh so sweet! dear sweetie pies!")

Meanwhile I'm on holiday I'm still checking my email (thank you so much for you e-letters) and I received the wonderful news that I will be soon be featured in a lovely eco friendly blog. I shall post the link as soon as I know more about the feature.

Sending you lots of angel blessing and love
a very happy Sunday to you.


On Vacation

Hello my Dearest!
hope to find you all well and happy today.
I'm am going on vacation for a short while. This year we are going to Wales!
How exciting!

I've been there two years ago, and is lovely. Weather is a bit of a challange but I have packed my waterproofs and my jumpers so I'm all set!
On Friday we are going on a whales tour on the west coast... I'm so looking forward seeing whalse and dolphins and pretty marine birds...

On the 16th Jason and I are celebrating our 6th Anniversary, and we are also going to Katrina's Wedding, so we shall have two things to celebrate for. Having sayd that, on the 15th is the Wedding anniversary of my Sister in law, so we shall have 3 things to celebrate all together!

Very exciting.
I send you all my love and I look forward posting some lovely pictures when I'm back.

All orders placed in the *shop* while I'm on vacation will be posted on the 24th August.

Best wishes and many kisses,

04 August 2009

Do It Yoursef Tutorial: Natural Toothpaste

Hello People!
Welcome to The Card Tree Blog.
Today I share with you a very exciting and Eco Friendly Tutorial:

How to make your own Natural Toothpaste.

I. Why? As I mentioned in the 5th issue of the Green Column, conventional toothpastes containing Sodium Laurate Solphate, Triclosan and other chemicals can harm our heath, irritating the skin, causing ulcers also even decrease fertility and the immune suppression. On the labels of these toothpastes you can read directions that recommend not to swallow the toothpaste, and to use very small doses of paste for children under 6 years old.
So, why should something we use in our mouth harm our health? Doesen't this sound ridiculous? We are doing so well to be more healthy like eating organic foods and avoid using harmful cleaning products in our homes and then we use chemical products in our mouth!

II. This recipe it's so easy and fun. Since I use my homemade organic toothpaste my teeth look whiter (due the Bicarbonate of Soda) and the breath feels naturally fresh rather then the usual chemical taste of mint of the normal toothpastes (due the Natural Peppermint Oil). If you like you can also choose a different favour for your toothpaste, for example Orange using a few drops of Essential Oil, be creative!

All you need is:

3 spoons of Bicarbonate of Soda
3 spoons of Glycerine
1 teaspoon of salt
15 drops or Peppermint Oil
A drop or water

How to do it in one simple step:

*Mix well all the ingredients!*


Happy toothpaste making!



02 August 2009

Sealife in London

Hello my Dearest Readers,
I hope you are all great!
I have a few snaps of a lovely Sea Turtle in the Sealife aquarium of London on Thursday:

In this pic he came up to me to say hello!

and here she was showing me how to swim

That's it. I'm ufficially in love.
She is a sweety!

Lots of love