14 July 2009

You Hold The Key Of My Heart II - Paper Marché

Hello my darlings!
I hope you are all well. I'm well and happy. Lots of work to do and beautiful sunny day out.

Earlier the postman arrived with the necklaces supply for my pendant bottles.
Oh my dears... they look amazing! Beautiful soft suede of gorgeous colors, mauve, green, brown and turquoise... I really can't wait to make them later. I will definetely take some snaps to show what they'll look like.

I also completed this mini Paper Marché box of the jewelry holder series.

It'd so very cute! Dark blue in the outside with pretty fairy dust on top and a golden key.

Inside is completetly white and this makes a nice contrast and when you open it, it actually looks bigger then it is! Is already in the shop!

I must go now, lots and lots to do!
I also have a couple of custom orders for cards today to make and post in the afternoon.
See you later sweeties,




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