31 July 2009

Message in a Jar

Hello Hello!
Welcome back to The Card Tree blog! So much has happen in the past few days that I barely had time to write! So... where to start?!
Fist, may I present my new creation,

Le Monsieur Message in a Jar:

A quirky little jar, made with recycled glass of course, containing a custom hand-written letter

This is the perfect way to deliver a loving message to a dear friend or loving partner, as it also come gift wrapped with a recycled paper box, gift tag and colorful raffia.
This is a unique piece and is now in the store.

Also, yesterday we visited London Aquarium! How beautiful. We saw rays, sea turtles, jelly fish, sea horses, and so many other wonderful creatures! Lovely lovely lovely. So nice to see sea creatures again. I must post some pictures about our day there.
I also found out about a the Stop Whaling Project, which is really really amazing. Please visit there web site, in this page you can send a letter to an elected Member of Congress and urge him or her to support the Whale Conservation and Protection Act of 2009. With this action you can really make the difference. PLease please please sign the letter, it only takes a couple of minutes. Thank you!

After the visit at the aquarium I recived a call from the Village Green shop: I was offered a part time managing position! l o v e l y ! It must have been the mermeids of the aquarium and the fairies of the garden...

* t h a n k y o u *

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