01 July 2009

Dream Box

Hi my dears!
Thank you so much for tuning in and visiting me!
I'm so happy to have you here, as today I'm sharing something really really special.

It's my very latest Paper Marché Box.

I called it the Dream Box.
A dream box is a very powerful manifestation tool.
It can be used to hold inside many meaningful items that remind you of the dreams you hold in your heart and would like to manifest.

For example you can place in the box a dream diary, containing all your wishes for the future, pictures of the things you would like to have or do, meaningful and inspiring sayings, rose quartz and rose essential oil, shells, relaxing music cd... anything you wish and is meaningful for you!

I made a Dream Box for myself a few month ago. Since then every morning I take the time to look all the things in my box right in the morning when I wake up. It's really nice smooth way to start the day, to remind myself of all my wishes and dreams...
Seeing how well is was working for me I made a couple Dream Boxes for my close friends. I was amazed when they told me that it was working for them too...!

So, recently I decided to make a few more and to share this powerful tool with other people. It's so exciting!

Why Pink?

Pink is the color of universal love and helps you to achive you highest potential for the good of all.

Why should I put Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love, gives inner peace, helps you to open your heart to love and what is best for yourself.

Why Rose essential oil?

Rose Essential Oil has many great healing propreties. It also help to balance the heart charka, and to shield yourself from negative energy.

{ a b o u t }

This Paper Marché Box It's very pretty.
Is pink and and white, at the top features a pretty love letter with wings, dragonflies with the saying: "We can only fly as high as the dreams we dare to live".

Inside the lid there is a big white heart,

and inside the box a sparkly wish star!

Ooh I love it!
It's already up in the shop!

See you soon with more delights.


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