31 July 2009

Message in a Jar

Hello Hello!
Welcome back to The Card Tree blog! So much has happen in the past few days that I barely had time to write! So... where to start?!
Fist, may I present my new creation,

Le Monsieur Message in a Jar:

A quirky little jar, made with recycled glass of course, containing a custom hand-written letter

This is the perfect way to deliver a loving message to a dear friend or loving partner, as it also come gift wrapped with a recycled paper box, gift tag and colorful raffia.
This is a unique piece and is now in the store.

Also, yesterday we visited London Aquarium! How beautiful. We saw rays, sea turtles, jelly fish, sea horses, and so many other wonderful creatures! Lovely lovely lovely. So nice to see sea creatures again. I must post some pictures about our day there.
I also found out about a the Stop Whaling Project, which is really really amazing. Please visit there web site, in this page you can send a letter to an elected Member of Congress and urge him or her to support the Whale Conservation and Protection Act of 2009. With this action you can really make the difference. PLease please please sign the letter, it only takes a couple of minutes. Thank you!

After the visit at the aquarium I recived a call from the Village Green shop: I was offered a part time managing position! l o v e l y ! It must have been the mermeids of the aquarium and the fairies of the garden...

* t h a n k y o u *

22 July 2009

Angelic Treasure Chest - by Giulia Mauri

My dear Earth Angels
I have something for your today...
This is a pretty wooden treasure chest, cute and angelic, that was carefully handpainted by me.

The chest features a sweet Angel is with her green healing vest holding the word and give it lots of healing love. She is also surrounded with an aura of fairy magic!

Inside, the treasure chest is painted in pink, the color of the heart charka and the love. The box has a layer of eco friendly and is perfect to treasure necklaces, earings, rings, and cute little things!

The box is signed and is collectable!
You can also buy this item with a coordinated "Affirmation Message in a Bottle", it will make a great gift for a friend and family member!

More details in the shop


21 July 2009

Paper Marché Decorations at The Card Tree

Good Morning lovelies!
I have completed the limited series of hearts decorations!
Aren't they just adorable?

I love them... So so sweet!
They are made with recycled paper, painted with acrylic colors and they have a touch of protective eco friendly varnish and glitter protect them and give them shine at the same time!

You can use them to decorate each room in your home, and also to decorate Christmas and Easter trees.
They come in a Paper Marché tray as well, that you can use to ut useful things on your desk or draws. You can find these lovely hearts in the shop.

More artwork coming soon in the shop and blog!
Keep visiting...

Love from Giulia

20 July 2009

Saturday Treat

Good Morning dearest!
Trust you all had an amazing week end...
We did...! We visited Jason's Parents & Nan on Saturday and Sunday and we enjoyed their company and some lovely food as well.
On Saturday we had a delicious English Tea.

with sandwiches,

victoria sponge,

strawberry and cream...

Just so lovely. again again!


Blue Butterfly Tote Bag

Good Morning, Happy Monday!
Hope you all had a fabulous week end! We visited my boyfriend family and had such lovely time.

As mentioned on Friday, I have been working on many unique pieces for The Card Tree collection. This is one of them, a very pretty Hand-Painted bag, featuring a beautiful blue butterfly.

Is perfect to carry around your diary or your shopping!

The bag is made with Certified Organic and unbleached Cotton. Fairtrade, made in India, to support the local communities. The bag has an authentication label attached.

The bag comes with washing directions, shop cards and leaflets, all nicely wrapped up in a brown bag with raffia bow, perfect for a gift giving ... You cn find it in the shop, right now!

Have a great week!
See you soon with more exciting creations!

Lots of kisses,

18 July 2009

Message in a Bottle - Letter Set

Hello sweeties!
I have a new letter set to share with you today.
Is a very pretty and eco friendly writing set: letter sheets and envelopes have been individually painted with watercolors and ink to create a elegant and simple design...

The set contains 5 large white letter sheets and 5 large cream envelopes, both made with 100% post recycled paper!

The set is packaged up with cellophane sleeve, compostable, so that you can easily biodegrade in your little backyard compost ♥

Love writing, love the envoronment!
You can fint the set here!

17 July 2009

Shop News

Hello Sweethearts!
A very happy weekend to you!

My dears... I have so many new items for the shop that I don't know were to start!
So, I will be adding all the new goods in the shop from today until wednesday rather then all in one time. Updating the shop can be a little overwhelming and stressful!
After all it is summer so we should all chill out!
So be sure to check the shop often to see what's new...

Many of these goods are unique pieces, part of The Card Tree "Discontinued & Collectable Line", so if you find something you love, buy it before it disappears!

Lots of love to you,
many blessings


16 July 2009

New: Message in a Bottle Series

Hello my sweeties,
how are you? I hope fantastic!
Thank you so and joining me on today topic...

My New Message in a Bottle Series!

This lovely personalized pendant comes with an adjustable suede necklace that dosen't require any metal hooks (no nickel or other nasty chemicals!)!

Feels very soft on the skin and it looks so pretty! Necklace come in many colors: black, green, turquoise, purple... so nice!

The Message in a Bottle comes with a cute recycled paper giftbox, color raffia and handpainted gift tag, ready to give as a gift!

This cutie and more will be in the shop in the next few days!

See you soon

14 July 2009

You Hold The Key Of My Heart II - Paper Marché

Hello my darlings!
I hope you are all well. I'm well and happy. Lots of work to do and beautiful sunny day out.

Earlier the postman arrived with the necklaces supply for my pendant bottles.
Oh my dears... they look amazing! Beautiful soft suede of gorgeous colors, mauve, green, brown and turquoise... I really can't wait to make them later. I will definetely take some snaps to show what they'll look like.

I also completed this mini Paper Marché box of the jewelry holder series.

It'd so very cute! Dark blue in the outside with pretty fairy dust on top and a golden key.

Inside is completetly white and this makes a nice contrast and when you open it, it actually looks bigger then it is! Is already in the shop!

I must go now, lots and lots to do!
I also have a couple of custom orders for cards today to make and post in the afternoon.
See you later sweeties,



13 July 2009

Do It Yourself Tutorial: Savory Biscuits

Hello my darlings!
Thank you so much for visiting today!
I have another wonderful Make It Yourself Tutorial for you to try!

Make your own Organic Savory Biscuits

This recipe it's so easy and rewarding.
all you need is:

pinch of sea salt
170 ml organic milk
50 gr of organic butter
200 gr of organic plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder/bicarbonate of soda
3 spoons of organic grated parmiggiano reggiano cheese

How to do it:

Rub to butter into the flour until the mixture remesemble breadcrubs. Add the baking powder, the salt and the cheese. Add the milk and mix well to make a soft dough. Roll out on a lightly floured surface, about 5mm thick and cut into shapes; with a fork do little holes on the top and add a little cheese on top. Arrange the biscuits on a baking tray and bake in the oven at 200° for about 15 minutes.

{Serve with any of these}

as antipasto or dessert

picked onions





Make your own Savory Biscuits insted of buying them!

You will save money, help the environment by not dispose any plastic packaging and most of all control what you are eating!

Be sure to try different variations of this recipe:

*sesame seeds*pumking seeds*cheddar cheese*pepper*paprika*olives*origano*rosemary*



11 July 2009

Squirrel and I

Hello my sweeties...
Today I have a country life adventure to share with you...! Hooray!
Mr squirrel came to visit us in our windowsill!!!

I could not believe it. I never seen a squirrel so close!

Poor thing. He actually looked quite afraid and shaky... He came up here to escape the cat that was trying to eat him!

His left eye could not see very well unfortunatly, poor little thing.
He was with us for about a quarter of an hour and then, when the cat was gone, he left.
We have left some yummi seeds and nuts, wishing that he will come to visit us again sometime!

Lots of love and angel blessings x


10 July 2009

Narwhal Treasure Chest

Hello my darlings!
Thank you so much for tuning in today!
Here my new creation, just as I promised you!

It's a very sweet little wooden Treasure Chest, handpainted with my favorite themes:
a Message in a bottle on each side and

a sweet little Narwhal...

I'm so happy about this! You can find it in the shop!
More artworks and "adventures tellings" are coming soon!
Lots of love and blessings


09 July 2009

Working in pregress...little snap...

Hello my friends!
Today I have been working on on these cuties!

There are little paper marché boxes and woden boxes!
So exciting! I look forward posting more pictures tomorrow when they will be all ready to go in the shop!

Lots of love,


07 July 2009

Do It Yourself Tutorial: Delicious Apple Pie

Hello my dearest pumcakes! How are you?
I'm well, been so so busy lately! I'm creating a new wonderful range of Message in the Bottle,

Hooray! I'm so excited!
I can't wait to share some pictures with you...
Handmade My Day contacted me to ask if they can sell my bottles in their store!
Wow! Isn't this wonderful? I'm so happy!

Today, is a lovely rainy day. (I say lovely because we had such a heat wave last week and the land really needed some water!) Anyway... Is just the right type of weather for some confort food such as... Lady grey tea & cake! So, I made this beautiful Italian Apple Pie to surprise Jason when he comes back from work!

It's quite heathy, it dosen't have any butter and the sugar portion can be reduce to your taste.
It's so very easy to make... you might want to try it too!

All you need is:

200gr organic plain flour

2 spoons of organic olive oil
1 teaspoon of baking power
lemon zest, lemon juice
150gr organic sugar
a little bit of milk
3 apples
2 eggs

How to do it:

*Mix well (with the mixer) the eggs for about 5 minutes.
*Add the sugar, the baking powder, lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil, mix very well.
*Slowly, add the flour and mix well, adding also a little bit of milk to make it more runny.
*Peal and cut the apples in thick slices
*Put the cake mixture into a baking cake tray
*Place the apple slices on inside the baking tray, creating a soart of flower pattern if you wish
*Bake for at 180° for 30 minutes

{Serve with tea}

Lots of love to you all


01 July 2009

Dream Box

Hi my dears!
Thank you so much for tuning in and visiting me!
I'm so happy to have you here, as today I'm sharing something really really special.

It's my very latest Paper Marché Box.

I called it the Dream Box.
A dream box is a very powerful manifestation tool.
It can be used to hold inside many meaningful items that remind you of the dreams you hold in your heart and would like to manifest.

For example you can place in the box a dream diary, containing all your wishes for the future, pictures of the things you would like to have or do, meaningful and inspiring sayings, rose quartz and rose essential oil, shells, relaxing music cd... anything you wish and is meaningful for you!

I made a Dream Box for myself a few month ago. Since then every morning I take the time to look all the things in my box right in the morning when I wake up. It's really nice smooth way to start the day, to remind myself of all my wishes and dreams...
Seeing how well is was working for me I made a couple Dream Boxes for my close friends. I was amazed when they told me that it was working for them too...!

So, recently I decided to make a few more and to share this powerful tool with other people. It's so exciting!

Why Pink?

Pink is the color of universal love and helps you to achive you highest potential for the good of all.

Why should I put Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love, gives inner peace, helps you to open your heart to love and what is best for yourself.

Why Rose essential oil?

Rose Essential Oil has many great healing propreties. It also help to balance the heart charka, and to shield yourself from negative energy.

{ a b o u t }

This Paper Marché Box It's very pretty.
Is pink and and white, at the top features a pretty love letter with wings, dragonflies with the saying: "We can only fly as high as the dreams we dare to live".

Inside the lid there is a big white heart,

and inside the box a sparkly wish star!

Ooh I love it!
It's already up in the shop!

See you soon with more delights.