07 June 2009

Night in / Night out

Hello my darlings!
What do you do with your girlfriends on your weekends and evenings off?
I know, a lot depends on the weather. Girls are a little bit about cats, they don't really want to get their coat wet in the rain waiting outside a club!

When it rains, is wet and umid, I love just beeing indoors, watching Sense and Sensibility with a hot choccolate and big socks!

When is nice like tonight, I love taking the time having gorgeous meals outside, lovely slow foods, really taking the time to chat and chatch up with a girlfriend's events! This is what we are doing tonight. We are going a a little local restaurant, guess food there must be really lovely there!

Can't wait!
Have a lovely evening,
Take Care,


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  1. Hi! Just wanted you to know that I gave you the “Lovely Blog Award”
    You can read about it here: http://megdowning.blogspot.com/2009/06/oh-so-lovely.html


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