28 May 2009

Make a Wish * Paper Marché Box

Hello happy spirits!
How are you?! I hope you are all well!

I made this cute little thing this week, isn't sweet?
Be ready to Make a Wish because here it comes, my little lucky box!

The Paper Marché Box is made with recycled paper, acrylics, and a touch of water based varnish to protect it.It also has little sparkles on the green clove and a sparkly heart in the inside the box.

Adorable! This Rose pandant that mum recently gave me looks so nice in it!

Getting ready for my June vacation to Italy now!
It's becoming a bit of a tradition actually...
Anyway, the shop will be closed until the 25th and orders will be shippind out on the 26th.

You can still email me and place your custom orders: I do check my emails regulary and try to answer within a couple of days.

Take care sweeties!


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