21 May 2009

Eating Flowers

Hello my dears!
Oh poor Julie, terrible news today.
Woke up with a horrible pain in my thoat, I looked in the mirrow with a torch and it was really sore and swallen, so much that I could harldy swallow water.
I booked an appointment with my doctor right away which described my condition as acute tonsillitis. She looked up in the computer and apparently I had it last year about the same time! I totally forgot about it!

Anyway... I had to phone in sick, which I really hate, as I know, they really need me there today. But, today I really need to stay in bed and rest to get better. Apparently, a thoat infection if uncured could reach the ears as well!

I'm so glad I have a few lovely books from the library that I can enjoy all day.
My favorite at the moment is this one:

Doreen Virtue's How to Hear your Angels.
When I read it I can almost hear Doreen gentle voice read it to me like a loving mother!
It's one of those books you could just go from one page to another and it still makes a lot of sense. I love just opening the book in a random page and start to read from there.

Today I'm beeing my own parent and doing lots of things to speed up my recovery.
I share them with you so when you are ill you can give it a go and see if they work for you as well!

10 little things you can do to help speeding up the healing process

by Giulia Mauri
  • rest in bed
  • drink plenty of water (one liter a day at least)
  • eat two cloves of raw garlic a day (it's great on tosted bread with olive oil, basil and cherry tomatos)
  • eat and drink simple foods such as soups and salads

(in mine I put fresh wild garlic flowers and leaves)
  • drink one freshly squeezed orange juice a day
  • rub lavander oil on your chest and thoat
  • wear a warm scarf around your neck
  • avoid watching television, insted listen to some inspiring music, read a book and watch your favorite romantic movie
  • wrap up warm and go for a little walk in the nature, excercise and fresh air will help your body to heal itself.
  • take this chance to listen to your inner self. The reason why we become ill it's because we aren't giving love to ourself and we are not caring for our body. Take this opportunity to look after yourself like you would with your own baby.

x love and blessings x


  1. Get well soon sweety!

  2. AnonymousMay 26, 2009

    Very good tips! Shall try them too :)
    Get well soon, enjoy your book!



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