03 May 2009

Trinket Box: Cultivate Love

I made another pretty paper marché box this week!

It features the words "Cultivate Love", with a little sparkly heart in the middle of the box and polka dots around the edge.

This is a mini Paper Marché box, made to treasure a ring, pendant or a necklace.

It's quite funny actually because after I made this box I discovered that pink is the color the heart and love!

Also while I was reading Essential Spirituality by Roger Walsh today I found this saying that incorporates these two words together:

"The supreme purpose and goal for human life... is to cultivate love"

Wierd uh?!
So cute! See it in my shop!


  1. Hi! I LOVE your little box!!! You must love boxes.......me too! You make the sweetest things!!! I also love the photo of you looking out the window...so cool!
    HAPPY DAY!!!

  2. Thank you Nina!
    Yes, I just love all soarts of boxes, especially handpainted ones...

    Take Care,



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