31 May 2009

On Vacation

Hello my sweeties!
Today I'm flying to Italy! I wrapped up the last few orders and I will post them on the way to the airport.
I can't really wait to see all my family, my dog and my friends!

Mum, my Brother and I. Sicily, 1990.

During my vacation, The Card Tree shop will be closed until the 25th, so all orders placed during this time, will be shipped out on the 26th. Please keep email me! I absolutely love hearing from you and will check my emails every week, and answer to you.

I will also update my blog to share some of my holiday pictures, thoughts and Green Column Articles.

x Lots of Love x


28 May 2009

Make a Wish * Paper Marché Box

Hello happy spirits!
How are you?! I hope you are all well!

I made this cute little thing this week, isn't sweet?
Be ready to Make a Wish because here it comes, my little lucky box!

The Paper Marché Box is made with recycled paper, acrylics, and a touch of water based varnish to protect it.It also has little sparkles on the green clove and a sparkly heart in the inside the box.

Adorable! This Rose pandant that mum recently gave me looks so nice in it!

Getting ready for my June vacation to Italy now!
It's becoming a bit of a tradition actually...
Anyway, the shop will be closed until the 25th and orders will be shippind out on the 26th.

You can still email me and place your custom orders: I do check my emails regulary and try to answer within a couple of days.

Take care sweeties!


26 May 2009

It's So Nice To Make Something Nice...

Hello my Dears!
Isn't nice to make something nice?
A few days ago I confectionate this little present our friend Sue

It's a little personalized Paper Marché, with a little Message in a Bottle inside!
In the back we wrote a little birthday message:

I just love to do things like this, it really opens up my heart and I feel very nice!

Lots of love to you all,
See you soon with more cuteable things and many inspiring spring tutorials that I'm putting together right now!

Take care


25 May 2009

Featured On Etsy.com

Hello my dearest! Good News!
Today my Narwhal Paper Marché Box was Featured in the Etsy Treasure!

Cute isn't?!

See the treasure *here*! You can also leave a special message there for me!
This really made my day very special indeed.
Thank you so much for the lovely emails that you are sending me from the contact page of giuliamauri.com!

I'm feeling a lot better now, thank you for asking. My antibioticts taste disgusting, but then they are working "favolosamente"... so it's worth the effort.

lots of love and blessing to you all!

ps. Happy half term!


21 May 2009

Eating Flowers

Hello my dears!
Oh poor Julie, terrible news today.
Woke up with a horrible pain in my thoat, I looked in the mirrow with a torch and it was really sore and swallen, so much that I could harldy swallow water.
I booked an appointment with my doctor right away which described my condition as acute tonsillitis. She looked up in the computer and apparently I had it last year about the same time! I totally forgot about it!

Anyway... I had to phone in sick, which I really hate, as I know, they really need me there today. But, today I really need to stay in bed and rest to get better. Apparently, a thoat infection if uncured could reach the ears as well!

I'm so glad I have a few lovely books from the library that I can enjoy all day.
My favorite at the moment is this one:

Doreen Virtue's How to Hear your Angels.
When I read it I can almost hear Doreen gentle voice read it to me like a loving mother!
It's one of those books you could just go from one page to another and it still makes a lot of sense. I love just opening the book in a random page and start to read from there.

Today I'm beeing my own parent and doing lots of things to speed up my recovery.
I share them with you so when you are ill you can give it a go and see if they work for you as well!

10 little things you can do to help speeding up the healing process

by Giulia Mauri
  • rest in bed
  • drink plenty of water (one liter a day at least)
  • eat two cloves of raw garlic a day (it's great on tosted bread with olive oil, basil and cherry tomatos)
  • eat and drink simple foods such as soups and salads

(in mine I put fresh wild garlic flowers and leaves)
  • drink one freshly squeezed orange juice a day
  • rub lavander oil on your chest and thoat
  • wear a warm scarf around your neck
  • avoid watching television, insted listen to some inspiring music, read a book and watch your favorite romantic movie
  • wrap up warm and go for a little walk in the nature, excercise and fresh air will help your body to heal itself.
  • take this chance to listen to your inner self. The reason why we become ill it's because we aren't giving love to ourself and we are not caring for our body. Take this opportunity to look after yourself like you would with your own baby.

x love and blessings x

18 May 2009

A Little Thought

Hello my Dears.
I hope you all had a great week end.
If you live in the UK, I'm sure by now you have heard about the scandal at the House of Commons. If you would like to have a quick overview, you can read this article at the BBC web site.

Just a little thought today about this matter...
We have always notice the lack of founds and resorces put by the goverment into public services, especially since the recession. They may claim that there aren't any more money available to put into these services. But is it true? If it is, why do MP's have such an high allowance per year? (£20,000 each)

According to the UK Parlament web site, right now there are 646 MP's in the House of Commons. Each of these individuals is allowed to a yearly allowance of £20,000 for working expences. In *this* BBC article you can read in detail all the expences that British MP's have claimed.

So, correct me if I'm wrong...

Number of MP's x yealy allowance = money spent elsewhere rather then public services
in numbers: 646 x 20000 = 12,920,000


I wish and hope that the future will hold better politics, passionate about making the world a better place, and not in the job just for their interests. I wish the goverment would put more money into public services such as heathcare and hospitals, education and schools, post offices, roads, conservation of the environment and waste and better recyclying schemes.

With love and hope

x Giulia x

14 May 2009

Gift Of The Present

Hello sweeties!
Thank you for visting today!
I made some more box paintings lately, and I can't wait to share them with you...

it's a little paper marché box, handpainted with acrylic colors
and protected by a veil of water based and eco friendly varnish

it's perfect for little tresures!
This green pendant was given to me by my good friend Jackie!

At the bottom of the box there is this meaningful advice:
"live the gift o the present".

I found it in the book Essential Spirituality, a truly must read :)

The box is a unique handmade piece, and is collectable. You can find it here!

x Love & blessings x


13 May 2009

Wonderful findings!

Hello my dears,
today while I was gardening I have found two little bottles!
They are so cute!

This one must be an old medicine vial, as the glass is so fine and delicate!

An this one looks like a fragance bottle, and at the bottom there is a little key on it!
My two favorite things bottles and keys are together!
Loved to use this two dear things for some custom and very personal "vintage" message in a bottle!


12 May 2009

The Wind Bring Good Things: New Website!

Good Morning Everyone!
Today's post is very very exciting as I have some brillant news to share with you...

My website www.giuliamauri.com is now finished!

I have been wanting a web site for over two years now, and it's such a good feeling to see it complete and up running. It took me lots of time to and money to get it all set, but it was totally worth it! I'm so proud of it. It's nice to see all my works coming together in one unique project.

The web site is very sweet and cute, yet very simple to navigate...
There are several things to see and browse, for instance, my Porfolio:

The Portfolio is divided in three unique galleries, a fine art gallery, a fine art nature gallery and an art & craft gallery. Galleries will be updated monthy with new art works, so you must visit often!
There is also a Store page with my Art shop and my Card Tree shop, with direct links to my online venues.

There is also, a beautiful contact page where you can write me a letter using a very simple form.

I always love to receive letters, messages, emails and comments, so be sure to leave me your thoughts!

The web designer who helped me a great deal with the creation of this web site is Catalin Soare, from KN Design. Catalin has recently estabished this new company that provides a great online service for web design, be sure to check it out!

Tune in tomorrow around lunch time to see some of my new artworks that I've been working on lately...

Take Care,
Lots of Love,


10 May 2009

Advertise for free on my site

Hello my Dears!

Just a short note to let you know that I'm hosting some free ad spaces on the blog to promote artist and artsans!

Simply click *here* to advertise for free using Project Wonderful.
Take Care!


07 May 2009

Coming Soon!

Hello Sweeties!

I have some thrilling news today.
Since the series Message in a Bottle is going so well, I'm introducing some more in the shop!

Here a little preview...

This limited series of artwork will contain:

♥ a Message in a Bottle
Hand written Message
Handpainted Paper Marché Box

When you order this item you will also receive shop cards, leaflets, and Message in a Bottle instructions. Bottles will be also available with a personalized message!
Hooray! I'm so happy about this...

This new cuties will be available from next week in the *shop*.
Don't miss them!

x Giulia x

05 May 2009

Love box

Hello my lovelies!

Thank you so much for following! So nice to see so many of you!
I love to see your beautiful faces in the little followers window, it gives me so much joy!

So, I'm going to give you... Some more Love!
This is my latest paper marche for the mini boxes collation...

This box is filled with fairy dust inside, and it's so small, about 2cm tall and 2cm wide, absolutely perfect to keep a ring, a pair of earings.

If you like it, you can heart it *here*!

Take Care,


03 May 2009

Trinket Box: Cultivate Love

I made another pretty paper marché box this week!

It features the words "Cultivate Love", with a little sparkly heart in the middle of the box and polka dots around the edge.

This is a mini Paper Marché box, made to treasure a ring, pendant or a necklace.

It's quite funny actually because after I made this box I discovered that pink is the color the heart and love!

Also while I was reading Essential Spirituality by Roger Walsh today I found this saying that incorporates these two words together:

"The supreme purpose and goal for human life... is to cultivate love"

Wierd uh?!
So cute! See it in my shop!

01 May 2009

The Card Tree Blog Birthday!

I'm so excited!
Today is The Card Tree Blog 1st Birthday! Hooray!
Thank you so much for all your comments and support over the course of this year!

Oh, here there is a Birthday Cake,
Let's make a wish!


Looking forward...

This week I have a few things to look forward too!
First thing, my parents are coming to visit us for from Italy...
It's very exciting! We are planning some country side walks and garden visits (weather permitting). I'm also looking forward receiving these set keys that I ordered from Tulle on Etsy!

See you soon my dears,
Lots of love!