16 April 2009

Mini Treasure Box

Hello my Dears!
Well, how are you? Hope great!
Thank you so much for your sweet comments in the last couple of posts, you really make my day! If you do have a web site or blog, please add it at the bottom of your comments so I can visit you as well!

The artwork I want to show you today it's a mini Handmade Tresury Box.

I had the idea to making a little box like this one when I was working as assistant chief in Café Rouge, and I couldn't wear my Eternity ring while working.

So I made a box like this one, to keep my special ring next to me in my pocket while I was working.

Then I thought, as I really like it, maybe other people will too!
So now I'm working on a full wide range of ring boxes, with different shape, sizes and colors. And I take commissions as well! For example you can have your name written on it, or a spacial simbol that means something to you!

This box is also perfect as gift box, for example if you have a small gift to give to someone, like a necklace, a pendant. Or you can keep a tooth for the tooth fairy or a lock of hair!

This cutie is made it with 100% recycled paper card and is handpanted with acrylic colors. It has a veil of glossy water-based varnish that is totally eco friendy and safe around children.
The box is collectable and signed at the back!

It will be in the shop very very soon.
More cute artworks coming soon keep visiting to see more.



ps: This post is partecipating to the Etsy Cottage Style Blue Blog Party!


  1. Very Cute Giulia! Great Idea!
    Crystal from KIZZ :)


  2. Hi Giulia! That is the sweetest box. I can see how it will be the perfect way to present a ring!
    Thank you for playing today!

  3. that box is so cute what a fab idea

  4. Wow!! You are one creative gal!! Love your artistic flair. I am participating in the BLUE BLOG PARTY also. Please feel free to stop by.
    Best wishes,

  5. Great idea..your ring box is really pretty. And what a beautiful ring! tfs

  6. What a sweet box Giulia! You have so much talent! I love your work. Thank you for sharing!
    HAPPY DAY!!!

  7. Sweet little Box! It's lovely and so wonderful that it's made with recycled material!♥

    Enjoyed my visit here...

    Best Wishes,


  8. That is the cutest little box! You are so talented:)


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