03 April 2009

Green Column - Issue 7 - by Giulia Mauri

Hello Everyone!
Thank you so much for all your kind comments in the last few days! I feel a lot better today and I've been working on the Friday Green Column for you.
I really hope you will enjoy it! This week topic is about:

Making your work Envirnoment Greener

Beeig enviromentally aware and more energy efficient at work has many vantages, including financial gain and enhance in your company's reputation.
So how can you create a envrnomental friendly office or studio?

Here just a few easy tips that you can apply in your everyday work life.

1) Save Paper

An office uses an avarage of 20.000 A4 sheets a year. Unfortunalty, most of it get thrown away!
To save paper and money you can:

- Avoid printing e-mails (and if you do, use both sides of the sheet)
- Send e-mails when ever possible rather then letters, memo or faxes. Perhaps add a message like "Don't print this e-mail and save our trees"at the bottom each e-mail you sent out to pass on this eco friendly tip.
- Make sure that the photocopy is on the right setting before pressing the green button
- Reuse old scap paper paper for notes before shredding it:

Simply cutting an A4 in half, then putting it together with a metal peg like in the picture.
- Reuse old envelopes with a sticky label at the front
- If you are a fan of the fireplace make your own logs with the Log Maker using the shredded paper of your office. Once burned, your documents will definatly be safe and so our precious trees!
-Recycle the old paper, newspaper and magazines.

2) Use Green Stationary

You can:
Buy green supplys for your office such as:
- Recycled paper
-Refillable pens
-Paper pens

3)Recycle or refill your ink cartridges

Over 7 million toner cartriges and 40 million ink jet cartridges are used every year and thrown away in ladfill when could be recycled.
You can:
Set up a little box in the corner of your office to keep the old cartriges and send them away every so often. There are many companyes that will collect your old toner for free, like this one in the Uk.

4) Avoid using plastic glasses and mugs for your teabreak

You will save our envirnment and your health!
When plastic is heated a chemical called Bisphenol A leaches out of the plastic cup. This chemical is an endocrine disruptor that disrupts the physiologic function of our hormones.
That's one of the reasons why industries have started to make baby glass bottles once again.
You can...

Use a real mug.
This will also prevent your finger from getting burn while drinking your tea!
I personally have a vast collection of handmade & fairtrade mugs, all of different sizes, colors, and memories. It's so nice to bring those memories and personality into your work place!

4)Put a plant on your desk

Indoors plant are natural conditioner and can remove up to 87% of indooor pollution in 24 hours!
So, put a plant on your desk. It will also help to create a nice envirnment for you to work in.
If you like, why not trying to make a terranium? Have a look at this Tutorial i made for you.

Hope this tips interested you.
If you like what you read, share it with your friends!


Much love and Happy Green Week-End from Giulia!


  1. Great ideas, Guilia. If we all make small steps, they'll equal big steps eventually!

  2. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. Happy green weekend to you too! Great post!

  3. great information and very useful, all the best.

  4. I gave you an award at my blog! http://amandabethonline.blogspot.com/


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