09 April 2009

Easter Week

Hello my Dears!
Hope you are all well and ready for the Easter weekend.
I have been very busy like a little Easter Bunny this weeks!

After reading this book

Clearing The Clutter, 100 ways to energize your life by Mary Lambert I decided to dedicate sometime to our home. What I love about this book is that it goes straight to the point: it's a 100 pages book, that you can easily read it in a couple of hours. It will give you the necessary tools to understand the basic of Feng Shui and has lovely pictures that will inspire you to create a nice energizing atmosphere in your home.

There are still some things that I would like to get done, but I'm already very happy with the results of my 4 (!) days clearing. We moved around fornitures, mirrows and pictures, filled several bags with items that where un-used for ages, and we bought new indoor plants.



  1. Sounds very cool! I will check it out too, my house really needs a bit of attetion!

  2. Just found you!
    I love your blog and all the cute things you make! I've been reading many posts and I'm bookmarking your site!!!! All the best with your art and your store!
    ps: I'm following on twitter too!

    x take care x


  3. Sembra interessante giulia! mi piace proprio il tuo blog. ho visto il tuo negozietto, è carinissimo!complimenti e in bocca al lupo per tutto. stammi bene! Serena *


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